Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years eve hockey

Well it is New Years eve and that means lots of hockey on TV. With the World Junior tournament and Canada and USA usually play against each other on this night.
Plus Vancouver Canucks are playing too. So the plan was to tape the Canucks game and watch it after the Canada - USA game.

Well the best laid plans need some refining . You see TSN which is showing the Canada-USA game has a sports ticker that comes up on the bottom of the screen with scores from other hockey games and other sports. So I don't want to see the Canucks score so had to come up with a plan. The picture here shows my high tech solution. just three pieces on the bottom of the screen to stop my eyes from seeing the sports ticker.

Well it worked great. Canada won a fantastic game. Being down 4-2 with about 10 min left they tied it up and scored another but it was disallowed. So the game went to overtime and then to a Shootout.
Canada scored on all three of their shots with the USA scoring on 2 out of 3. So now Canada advances to the Semi-finals and USA disappointed plays in the Quarter - finals.

OK Happy New year I'm off to watch the Canucks game now.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Filling the gap

Well the deer are still getting in. One thought was the roof of the woodshed so we did some building of a fence on top of the woodshed. Hopefully this will solve it. If not we have to keep working on other areas till we find where they are getting in. Persistent beggars they are.

enjoy the short vid of the repairs. still working on my YouTube vids this is a short 3 segments together in one.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Checking for deer

Well its boxing day and the deer are up to it again. They have gotten in somewhere and now is the chore to find out where. Unfortunately its boxing day and we have a full day visiting. So Sunday is busy to so on Monday will have to do a better search and repair of the fence.

Ok enjoy the video . Still testing it out . on a walk around the yard.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas ! Hope you all have had a wonderful day. And with all the festivities I hope you have thought of why we have this holiday. And no its not for the fat guy. Remember he was just invented by coke for marketing purposes and we all went along with it. No it is for the birth of Christ. So keep Christ in Christmas.

Well here is a little video I shot today with my new flip camcorder my son bought me for Christmas. I know I'm not a talented video guy yet but give me time.

ok enjoy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Green Canada

No this is not an environmental post. It is why is Canada wearing Green in the 2010 Jr. world hockey championships.

Now everyone knows Canada's colors are red and white. So where did the green come from?

I'm not saying the uniforms are ugly, but they are not our colors. You don't see Sweden going with weird colors because they are blue and yellow. So why does Canada go weird on us. Now this isn't the first time we've done this.

So here is my suggestion as to why they are wearing green this year. The tournament is in Saskatchewan Canada. And Saskatchewan colors are green so is that the reason they are doing it? I know in a lot of Canadian championships people from Saskatchewan go a little goofy and dress in green and yellow in all kinds of get ups.

If you have another reason for the green please comment and let me know

ok till next time Go Canada Go

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Break-in

Yes we had a break-in over night. No not a robber. But left unchecked and I'm sure something would go missing.

Now at 7:50am our neighbour phoned woke us up(yes our day to sleep in) and told us two deer were on his lawn. You see both our yards are surrounded by a fence but not between the yards.

He opened a gate to herd them out but they ran right to where they had gotten in and left.

Well It was a weak part of the fence between my woodshed and the kids fort. So later in the day my neighbour and I did a fast efficient patch job of the fence. When I say efficient we only used material that we had so no cost to the job. We didn't even have to cut anything as we were able to make odds and ends of material fit.

So now its fixed and a bit higher and tougher for them to jump. So till next time they are safely out of the yard. And I'm sure there will be another time. Every few months they seem to find a way in and we repair it.

ok till next time

Monday, December 7, 2009

Seniors discount

Well today we went for our yearly together Christmas shopping. Usually I take a days holiday from work and we spend all day my wife and I and do Christmas shopping. But this year I am retired so couldn't take a day off from work cause every day is off. Isn't that great. I think so.
And of course we have lunch and dinner out and make a whole day of it.

Well today in Zellers we were picking up some things and paying for them. We found some very good sales and when the cashier asked if we were eligible for the seniors discount I said how old do you have to be. Now I was thinking she would say 60 or 65. But to my surprise she said 55. Well I didn't let a second go by and I replied I'm in.

This was our first senior discount as both of us had just turned 55 within the last two weeks.

So we of course had to see if we could get some more bargains at the store instead of going to another store. Yes we did so we accomplished quite a bit in that one store.

Now its checking out what other stores and dates we are eligible for the discount now.

ok enjoy ill take 10% off next blog

Friday, December 4, 2009

Top gift ideas for Christmas

Ok now is the time for
the best Christmas presents to buy this year. Now I'm just looking around on the web so far to see whats out there and I tend to look at the weird and technical ones.
So that's why I'm asking your help this year. What have you found that should be in my top list this year. Please click on the comments below this blog and tell me what you have found. Who knows maybe I will find a prize for the best suggestion. And if I was rich enough I would buy that for you. But dint worry I wont be buying the present for you.

Ok lets say next week I will post the results of my top gifts of 2009. So help me out and comment on what you think should be on the list. If you have a link where you found it please let me know.

Ok happy hunting for the top ones

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A mystery

It is a mystery. It seems so strange we can't figure it out. Why would someone decide to steal 10 bags of leaves?

Our nephew bagged about 10 bags of leaves and brought them over for my wife to compost about 6 weeks ago. They were left half way up our driveway in a good place to store them. I was waiting for the driveway to be dry to load them up to the top and then put them in some compost bins.

I hurt my back and was waiting till it felt better and then deal with the leaves.

But tonight as i was backing down my driveway in my truck I noticed all the bags are gone.

My wife doesn't know what happened to them.

Where could they go. Would someone come half way up the driveway and steal them.
It is not like they are worth any money and could be pawned. And we were home too when this happened.

The only other thing we can think of is that a garbage truck came by and mistook them for garbage. But the problem with that is it was obvious they were leaves in them. And we don't get our garbage picked up here we take it in ourselves.

So If you have any other ideas what happened to the leaves please let me know.

I'm baffled that someone would steal them.

If I find out what happened Ill let you know

ok till next time keep a eye on what ever is in your yard. People will steal anything

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lights on

Well today is Dec. 01 and we went for a walk at Butchart Gardens. Now today is the official lightup there at 5pm. But we went early just for the walk. It is interesting to go and see the sights without the lights and crowds and because we have a yearly pass it didn't cost us anything.

So now you can according to me anyway start your Christmas lights. You see I have a rule here at our house and I always say that you cant do that till Dec. 01. You must be wondering why. Well my reason is my birthday is Dec.o1 and I want you to concentrate on that first then its ok to move on to Christmas. Well we all have our reasons for things we do.

Anyway this is a important birthday for me , I turn 55 and now its freedom 55. Tomorrow is my official retirement day. But I have been on holidays for the last 4 weeks so I have just eased into it.

ok turn on the lights lets do Christmas now

Monday, November 30, 2009

storing pictures

With the new digital camera comes the problem of how to store your pictures. At first I stored them on the hard drive of my computer . Then came a memory card. Then burn them onto a CD.
Now I'm in the process of trying other ways. I'm looking at buying a portable hard drive like 500mb. But want my pictures in two different places in case one fails. So I'm looking into online storage too. But don't want the whole world to see them so it must be somewhere private.

Im testing a online site right now. So this picture is from the site so lets see how it works.

Remember the picture a month or so ago of my old hat that I wore when i first started work.

ok till next time

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Victoria and Vancouver

Here is a video that was sent to me from my brother in law he found on you tube. It is a newsreel of visiting Victoria and Vancouver in 1936. It interesting to see the inner harbour without the walk way below. And no welcome to Victoria on the grass. Even Butchard gardens is still recognizable but still it is different. Enjoy it and tell me in the comments what you thought about it. It is just over 9 min long.

OK till next time

Saturday, November 28, 2009

new email

Well now that I am retired, I have to have a new email. So what best way to do that than just put an x in front of my old one. Now if you don't know the old one it would be hard for you to figure it out. So to fool the bots on here that scan for emails I will decode it but you should be able to figure it out. I know your smart readers. But if you cant leave a comment and ill get back to you with it. Ok are you ready here it is

postie at

ok you got it figured out. just type it the way it sounds.

ok till next time

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Now finally I know what its all about

Well finally I know what it is all about. The names in the song that is. Remember the song We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel. If you are like me you know a lot of the things mentioned but can never keep up with the lyrics. Now someone has done the work for you. This guy must have spent lots of hours getting all the pictures to bring the song to life.

It was sent to me by a friend , So now here is the link , Sit back turn up the sound and enjoy the song and the sights.

Hope you enjoyed it. till next time

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And Suddenly...

And suddenly there was pain. Last Friday I did a few jobs around the house, nothing too taxing. Then later in the day a bit of tightness in my back. Saturday and Sunday it was still a bit tight. Then on Monday morning a lot of PAIN.

It hurt a lot to bend over at all. and Sitting in my relaxing chair was painful. It wasn't too bad if i stood up or layed down.

Tuesday was a bit better was able to go out and about but sitting down and putting on my shoes and socks were impossible.

Today better still but socks and shoes are still out.
This afternoon its even better but haven't done any shoes on by myself yet. I went for coffee and had a good walk which wasn't too bad . But had to get my wife to put my shoes on and off for me

I'm hoping tomorrow is much better. Man you never know when something is gonna affect your everyday life. Hopefully this is the end of it as I'm not sure I really did anything that would cause it . I'm guessing it is some kind of virus or something.

anyway chat soon

Friday, November 20, 2009

Now that the rain stopped

Well after a week of solid rain. Places flooding and not able to do the things around the house that need to be done. The rain stopped for a few hours today. I had a couple of jobs I wanted done.

The first was to fix a tap that was installed at the bottom of our driveway that was run over a few months ago. It needed to be dug up the casing needed to be straightened and now that winter is coming it needed to be shut off. With all the rain it was kinda flooded in the casing so the job was messier than i thought. Got that done and then the neighbour asked me to help him move a dead deer from his lawn. I guess it either had gotten sick and died or hit by a car. Well we dealt with that.

Then on the deer theme I finished off a mesh box over my wife's heather plants so the deer don't eat the tops in Jan and Feb. third one Ive done so far , I think about 3 more to go. Using left over wood from the old front porch.

Well just in time when I finished it started raining again. Good timing. Well haven't missed working in the rain and its great to be able to wait till it finishes to start to work .

ok later

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lost a good friend

A regular subscriber to my blog past away almost a week ago. She went by the name of Wml and commented on lots of my blogs. She was involved heavily in our church and did many of busy things for the church and the community in general.

This picture is of her little dog. when she posted in the comment section this little picture always showed up. Doesn't that make you smile. She had a whole wardrobe for her dog. It was a Chinese hairless dog. It had some hair but very little on the body. I guess that's why all the clothes.

Anyway Wml is in a better place now as a Christian she can be assured of her place in heaven.
2 Corinthians 5:8 reads

Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord (NLT)

Good job your rewards await you , thanks for being a good friend.

ok till next time

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tale of Three towns

When away last week we traveled to Anacortes and then to La conner and Coupeville and Langley. Each of the last three places we really enjoyed seeing. But they were all a little different. La conner was on a channel of water. Coupeville and Langley were right on the water. €oupville had a neat old bulilding at the end of the pier that had a good coffee shop in it.
And langley was a compact cute little tow

ok here are the 3 places in order La conner , Coupeville, and Langley




ok till next time

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here is a great reflection picture that I took by accident. I was trying to get a good sunrise picture but that didnt turn out as good as I wanted but the reflection caught me in the act.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

city art

Well on our little trip to Washington state we saw some different city art. Cities like to do things a bit different than the other cities so here are a couple of things we saw this trip.

This first one was in Anacortes you know you have to clear customs when entering the States.

This one was in Anacortes on the sidewalk. A garbage can nice done.

This one is in La conner by the channel and its a walkway to the wharf done with wire as a fish frame.

This one is in Coupeville on Whidby Island beside a store that has a walkway all the way around it. Say hi to the Captain.

Ill post a few more pics of the trip next time

Monday, November 9, 2009

Doesnt get any better than this

Well its been about 10 days now and your right it doesn't get any better than this.

The first week was busy planning and getting ready for the retirement open house. It turned out to be a great success and was so great to see all the friends, family , and co-workers there to help me celebrate.

the whole week our youngest son and his fiance and their new puppy came for a visit from the Rocky Mnts. It was great to spend that time with them.

And now My wife and I are having a short get away in the San Juan Islands. We took the above ferry the M/V Chelan from Sidney , B.C . to Anacortes and then the short drive to La Conner. here we had dinner at a nice restaurant downtown and then found a great b&b. Laying in the kingsize bed as I write this entry.

Tomorrow we will check out the small town and then head down Whidbey Island , over Deception pass bridge and either stay in Oak harbour or Coupeville. have to see how far our time goes and where we end up when we need to find a place.

Ok till next time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

First day off

Well today is the first day I spent not working. Officially I'm still on holidays till Dec 02 but with it before my retirement date its all retirement.

Well slept in a bit had a nice coffee and breakfast with my wife, and then went out to get all the leaves off of the driveway and back patio. It took me a couple of hrs. I have a new blower/sucker/mulcher so it made the job quite enjoyable. Then took the garbage in to the garbage drop off.

Then to the fun part of the day. Joined my brother in law at Shawnigan lake and we went fishing. The weather was off and on rain but we enjoyed it anyway. What a way to spend when you retire to get out of working in the rain and you go fishing and it rains. The catch was 5 fish between us with him getting most of them. Ok all of them. I had a few bites but nothing stayed on. Guess I'm just a rookie at this retirement. Ill beat him next time.

then the evening I spent with my wife watching baseball on TV. I had last nites game recorded so watched that one without the commercials. I love to fast forward over commercials and pitching changes. Then after that one we watch tonight's. Which was being recorded too . So no commercials. Both really good games. Its turning into a very good world series.

Ok a great first day of Retirement. looking forward to more.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

one final delivery

Well as I said yesterday I would today tell you about my last day on the job. Well as normal It started as I went in to work and sort my mail. Lots of carriers dropped by while I was sorting and said good luck and take me with you. Then as a hour went by former carriers came into the office and they had a celebration for my retirement.

The supervisor had a small speech about me working there and gave me a couple of things to commemorate me leaving. One was a hat with a good crop of hair on the top for me to wear. I guess the lack of hair shows.
The second thing was she said for all the disagreement we had over what management wanted to do and that I disagreed with because it was wrong. We had some good discussions over the years. She said a few times she wanted to just boot me out of there . But I normally stuck my ground when I believed something was wrong. So she gave me a bronzed boot so she could say she finally gave me the boot. A funny touch.

Then the other supervisor gave me a certificate that says that I am now officially retired from Canada Post Corporation. Signed by the CEO.

next was from the letter carriers. One lady gave a nice speech about my time in that depot (27yrs) and the fun we had during that time. And a few of the things we all went through together. The carriers gave me a box that I can use to carry my horseshoes in and a wonderful framed picture of me that was used in the flyer from my church of me and a dog running down the street. If you go to you will see the picture there. They all signed the matt that was around the picture and now I have it hung up here at home.
Then after that everyone wished me well and we had some food and cake to celebrate the occasion

Now we are at work and so the day must proceed. I headed out on the job and continually ran into people that wished me well and said they were going to miss me.

At the mall I was given a few great cards and things. The florist even gave me a rose to wear for the rest of the day.

finally I finished and walked out the building of the PO officially for the last time. I will miss them all and will drop by now and then to say hi. Now a new chapter. I hope it goes as well as the last one almost 36 yrs.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Torch relay

This post is about seeing the Olympic Torch Relay going thru our community. Tomorrow I will write about my last day on the job.

We took our grandson down the street to view the torch relay on Goldstream ave. Glad we didn't go downtown yesterday in the
rain and the crowds to watch. We saw it just on Goldstream where we ran into a friend and it was not crowded. It was I'm sure further down by city hall.

Some people are so much more ready for things like this than I . I never thought about bringing a flag. But glad I did bring my camera.

The first car was the countdown to the Olympics . It has the days and hours on the top . I don't think you can read it on this picture.
Then came the coke truck and the volunteers hading out flags with the route map on it. My grandson loved getting this flag to wave.

The next truck was from Royal bank and they were trying to get you excited. The guy on the top asked the crowd. What is the best country in the world. And you guessed it everyone yelled Canada.
And finally The torch arrives. It went by fast but not too fast as I got a couple of pictures.

Overall It was a good experience. Not too crowded. No protesters. My grandson enjoyed it even tho he doesn't know what the Olympics really are yet.

So if your in favor or not of the Olympics they are here now so lets all enjoy them and show the world why we Think Canada is the best place on the planet.

ok later

Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Day

Well it is now my last day on the job. I have left for work and will enjoy this day. I have waiting for this for years now and its now here. After almost 36 yrs I cant believe its here.

I'm hoping someone doesn't say to me we made a mistake and you have to continue on longer. No done all the planning everything is in place.

There will be a small party/gathering at work with all the employees and former employees to wish me well and enjoy the celebration with me.

The hat pictured here is one that I wore the first few years at Canada Post. That was when we were dressed like police officers and along with firemen were respected in the community and we wore our uniforms and badges proudly. Now don't get me wrong we are still respected by many of the public just not the overall general public like it was some 35 yrs ago. The hat fits but is a bit tight. I plan to wear it in the office tomorrow morning. Ok I made it. OH YEA.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some one wasn't thinking on this one

I don't think someone thought this one out completely. Today at the local mall there was a empty store that was being used for the 1st wave of shots against the H1N1 flu. It was for the ones that would be more vulnerable to the virus thaN most.

Now here is the part that looked weird. It was in a vacant store on the outside of the mall(there are vacant ones inside) and people were lined up outside in the rain waiting for the shot.
Now I don't know about you but if they were vulnerable maybe they should have them waiting somewhere inside where it was dry and warm.

I guess it was one of those things that when planned out looked great on paper but not in real life.

Anyway that is what I thought was weird today.

Only 1 more day to work OH YEA

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last week

Well this is my last week working at the Post Office. But woke up sick on Monday with this nasty flu. spent all of the day either in bed or on the couch.

But today feeling much better but still not there. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to work for the last 3 days.

Its cool that most of the businesses that I deliver to are counting the days down with me as I come through their doors.

Still mixed emotions as I get closer to retirement. I wont miss the working out in the elements but will miss talking with the people that I deliver to. I wont miss the politics of the job but will miss the people that I work with.

It will be good to drop by now and then and say hello to everyone at the Post office or by the businesses that i use to deliver to.

One way to keep in touch is a bunch of us retirees from our depot get together at a coffee shop where I delivered to on Wednesdays at 1030am.
So when I'm not working anymore I will still get to keep up to date with things.

ok hope to get back for the last few days.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ever wonder whats down there

Another video I found on youtube. This is taken by divers beneath the breakwater at Ogden point in Victoria. Im sure if you been to Victoria or lived here you have walked out on the breakwater or had coffee at the cafe at the begining of it. You probably even seen divers coming and going from the dive shop to the breakwater and then disappearing under the water. Now take a look at whats down there.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some people have too much time

Some people have too much time on their hands. I found this on youtube. It says best invention ever funny. How long do you think it took to set this up ? And how many tries did it take to get it to work right?

Anyway just something a little different today for you.

See you later

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7 More Days left

Well the countdown is really on now. Only 7 more work days left. Thursday and Friday this week and 5 days next week.

Of the things I will miss is yes you guessed it ! No more walking all day in snow, or rain , or wind. Yes the elements will be nice to watch from my comfy chair by the woodstove.

But there are a couple of things that I will miss. I will miss all the people I work with. Really Letter carriers do a fantastic job and in all that bad weather they just keep going. Even thou we are all different its amazing how often we just get along. Yes there are problems but in all we have fun at our job when left alone to do it. Not being bothered by management that want to try the new fangled idea. That usually isn't that new , been tried before many years ago.

The other thing is I will miss the people I deliver mail to. I deliver to the local mall and just going into the stores and saying hello is something that I have enjoyed. And all the homeowners and their families that I deliver not only bills to but presents, cards and those special things that they have ordered and are waiting patiently to arrive.

But life goes on and a new chapter in my life. Retirement, what will it be like ? Will I be busy enough? Will I have enough Money? Will my health hold up for a long time? When will we move to a one level house or apartment?

So bring it on , I'm ready for the challenge.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Whats wrong with the Canucks

So what's wrong with the Vancouver Canucks? I and many others are asking this question lately. After a promising preseason, They came out of the start of the season with 3 loses. and two of them were very ugly.

Then after 2 wins they seemed to have righted the ship a bit. Now with a few top players out with injury they have slid back down again. Now I know every team goes through the season with parts of it without key players. So if that's not the reason what is?

They seem to have lots of talent on the team and in the farm system but they seem so out of sinc. losing again tonight to the Calgary flames 5-3 and the score is flattering to the canucks 5-0 at one point.

How will they right the ship? Can you figure it out? Fire the coach? Make a trade? bench some players? What?

leave a comment and lets see if we can come up with a solution. and if the coach is reading this maybe some of our suggestions will work. Yours don't seem to be so far.

Ok waiting to see what you write.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too busy to work

Well again haven't posted in a while. Well the reason is I have been too busy. With our son moving back to Victoria and helping him get here with his Fiance and dog, helping them find an apartment and then helping them move things in and get things bought. Well add setting up at church and having our grandson over on the weekends and taking him to soccer. Well you get the idea. I haven't had time to post here. And when I have had the time I haven't been in the mood.

I have even haven't had time to go to work but I have. They say when you get close to retirement work gets in the way of your life. Well it has.

Any way only 13 more work days left.
And then a week after we will be having a open house for fellow workers, family , neighbours, and friends. So if you fall in one of those categories you are welcome to come along. details on the picture provided.

Ok hope to post tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well been a bit busy with picking up my son in the middle of BC with a broken down car. drove all night to get there and then picked him and his fiance and drove them back to here.

They now have decided to settle down back in Victoria and then it was the apartment search. then when they found one it was the moving of things into the apartment.

6 yr old grandson spent 3 nites with us too so you can see it was a busy few days. Well only 17 work days left till the retirement. alright.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Another day another day closer to retirement. 24 working days to go. Every day it seems closer and a little more exciting.

I had coffee with 4 retired guys from my work today and they look so relaxed and really enjoying it. Of course they let it be know its too bad i had to go back to work.

One reader asked in the comments how long have you been at your job. Well I started on April 1, 1974 full time. So when I officially retire on Dec. 02 . (5 weeks of holidays after my last day at work Oct. 30) I will have been with Canada Post for 35 yrs and 8 months. I also had 3 months of casual part time but that doesn't count for my pension. So I guess you could say Ive been working there in one way or another just a month short of 36 yrs when i finish.

Another note I started full time on April 1. April fools day so I'm not sure who the fool was me or my employer. lol

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Only 25 working days to go ! That is working days not including weekends and the stat on thanksgiving and the 2 days i have as holiday this Monday and Tuesday. So that brings me to my last working day of Oct. 30. I am then on 5 weeks holiday and officially retire on Dec. 02.

On Nov. 7 we will be hosting a open house here at our house so if you know me you are invited. Just come and help share the thrill of no more work for me.

Ok see you tomorrow when its 24 days left.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

horseshoe update

Well sorry it took so long for this update. Well I must have peeked too soon in the horseshoe season as I didn't fair too well the the B.C. Championships. I was entered in the A division and was ranked 5th out of the 10 competitors. But It wasn't my weekend as I didn't play up to my potential.

I finished in 7 th place with a 3-6 record. My average was almost 10 % below but I did have one really good game at 63% ringers. You can see my results and all of the competitors here.

But we had a great time visiting the area of Kelowna. Had dinner down by the waters edge and met up with our son who drove up to spend the day and evening with us. All and all it was a good weekend. Now I'm determined to do better next year.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Banned ad writer

Again sorry to everyone if you got a email from some spam sender. I have now banned that person from sending anymore. Unfortunately when you have a open forum there will always be a few people that take advantage and do something like this. All I can do is when it happens i ban the person after they do this. No second chances on this as everyone knows its not appropriate in this kind of forum. Ok again sorry and I will fill you in next post with the weekend in Winfield(Kelowna area for the bc horseshoe championships).


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

missing in action

Well been missing in action from this blog. With summer , work , horseshoes winding down, and our son visiting us for a few days I haven't had time or been in the mood to do this blog.

Well back again for a bit.

Just a pic of the dessert we had as we walked with our son around the inner harbour and then sat on the veranda of the Empress hotel to have coffee and tea and dessert. This was my cheesecake. It was funny we all talked about taking a picture of it and the people next to us said the same thing and the lady said as I took it that she was glad that she isn't the only one that takes pictures of food. Well I know another person that takes pics of food and has a interesting blog . I follow it not for the food but for the info about my son and his fiance. Here's the link if you want to check it out. To be the whole package

Well till next time, I will be busy for a few days with the final days of horseshoes for me this year. Thursday the player of the year tournament, which is all the players of the week (18) and they play one nite to determine the winner.

And this weekend we are travelling to Winfield (near Kelowna) for the B.C. Championships. You can track the results here. BC tournment results

ok later

Monday, August 24, 2009

Odd shot

Below is my odd shot for this week. It was taken a few weeks ago when we went to Butchart Gardens for the fireworks nite. It started to rain 1 1/2 hrs before the fireworks but we tried to stay dry and watch but we got soaked. As it started the wind came up and we were really chilly then with our grandson so we decided to leave in the middle as he was just too cold. This picture is off the rain and sunset waiting for the fireworks.

To see more of odd shots check out Katney's Kaboodle.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

society not accountable

I have found that society in general has swung to a trend of not being accountable for their actions. As in business or personal many people do not return your phone call. They do not show up on time or start what ever it is they are suppose to do on time. And also do not even do it at all.

I wonder how this started or what contributed to it. But it seems that it is happening more and more all the time. What can we do to reverse the trend. I know it sure bugs me. Am I the only one that is not bugged when I ask someone to phone me back and they don't? Am I the only one that gets bothered by someone not doing what they were suppose to do. I know I'm not perfect but if I forget to phone some one its a rare occurrence. An I would say the majority of the time I do what I say I'm going to do. And when I don't it bugs me that I didn't. Well thats my rant for now.

What do yo think about this? Id love to hear your views. Leave a comment below.

Ok till next time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hang loose

We went to Witty's Lagoon today to watch some boogie board, skim board, sand surfer. What ever the term is now I'm not sure. We entered off duke rd. and walked across the sand and the water to get to the guys doing the surfing. But after 1/2 hr we realised that the tide was coming too fast and we decided I would go back get the truck and drive to the other end so we could take the trail back instead. Well this took me 15 min to walk to the truck and i had to wade knee deep to get to it. Then 5 min to drive to the other spot and then 15 min fast walk to get back.

We watched the guys surf more and they even had a skateboard jump that they put in the water and did jumps on it. After that we headed up the trail (25min with our grandson ). But it was all very much fun and entertaining watching these guys. I hope this video works good for you to see one of them . It was taken with my phone.

OK till next time hang loose.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lets just pick one up quickly

Well picking up our Grandson for the weekend we decided to see if we could find a putter for him and us cheaply at the sports traders. Well just stopping there quickly didn't turn out. We went in and the cheapest was $24. So if we bought 3 and add tax that would be about $80. for a cheap little game of putting at Beacon Hill park.

So we tried to find one at the local thrift stores. But no luck. They only had a handful of clubs but mostly 5 and 8 irons or drivers.

Then we thought we were giving up on the idea when we dropped off some things at a friends house and told him the story . He had get this just what we needed 3 putters that he lent us.

So off to the park we went and spent only about 1/2 hr doing this before we were off to something else. Glad i didn't spend the $80.

So I will return the clubs soon to our friend but now I'm on the lookout for 3 cheap putters to keep in the truck for any other trip to the putting green.

Ok till next time keep your head down and a slow and steady back swing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What people do for money

I read this story yesterday in the newspaper of a Lady that is selling on ebay a tomb that has room for 3 people. On the bottom is Marilyn Monroe. Then her husband above that buried face down. And the top is vacant.

She is planning on selling the middle spot to the highest bidder and then move the husband who paid big bucks to be buried there, to the top. Then she will be cremated and her ashes will be in a urn beside the tomb.

The reason she is selling it is to pay off debt for her mansion in Hollywood, that she hopes to leave to her kids. So far I think the auction is up to 2.5 million. She owes like 1.8 million.

I wonder what hubby would have thought of this after all he paid the big bucks to buy this for him and his wife.

Weird. check out the story here. story.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy weekend and 50

Had a very busy weekend but to start off only 50 working days to go till retirement. And it cant come soon enough. Ive had about enough now.

Friday Listened on the radio about Les Paul and all his musical inventions guitars and guitar gear. And then listened to the original promoters of Woodstock and all the things that went wrong at that historical concert. Then friday nite we went to Butchart gardens and listened to a good 50,60s rock band Ruckus.

Saturday sold a entertainment centre on used victoria and went to a wedding reception and then to Beacon hill park with our grandson.

Sunday over to Vancouver for a horseshoe tournament . The Central Park Open. I played excellent for me and won the A division. Also while we were waiting for our afternoon shift we played a bit of pitch and put golf. didn't do so well at that hadn't played any golf for about 3 yrs.

well that's it your caught up now

Monday, August 10, 2009

odd shot monday

This is my odd shot for odd shot monday. You can view more odd shots at Katney's Kaboodle. This was taken early in the spring as the veggie garden was just getting started. A obvious interested neighbour checking on the progress.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interesting job and bargain

Well met a old friend that I use to work at the old Memorial Arena today. He was an engineer at the arena, and now has a job in the middle of the Sierra desert. He is working at a Gas compound there. He works 28 days straight and just time off to eat and sleep. Then has the next 28 days off and paid travel to and from. He took 3 back to back cruises on one break. He says hes making about 200K a year. An interesting life for a single guy.

And now the bargain. I needed a new set of headphones for my satelite radio and looked at the Source (formerly radio shack) for a pair. I found some like the ones I had before and was prepared to pay $19. for them. Then while paying the guy said for $3. more I could get replacements for them if they broke in the next 3 yrs. Which they usually do. So I'm allowed 2 replacements in 3 yrs. So then he rings up the sale and guess what the they are on sale for $7.99. So with the $3. replacement deal and the tax it came out at around $12. What a deal remember I was going to pay $19. And now when they break I get two more in 3 yrs. So it works out to about $4. a pair for 3 yrs. Gotta love a bargain.

Ok till next time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Odd sight

Well haven't posted for a week, what a week it was with busy with work in that 35 degree heat. I'm so looking forward to retirement to get away from the extreme weather. And busy weekend with our Grandson again and a Horseshoe tournament in Ladysmith and I played extremely well and won the Men's A division. Now that is a first for me.

Well today I saw a odd sight that i had to chuckle at. At Westshore Town Centre (formerly Canwest mall) They had a psychic fair. But it was set up right across from the Lottery booth. So do you go to the fair first get your lucky numbers then buy your lottery ticket. And if they are so Psychic maybe they will keep the lucky numbers for them self. And why haven't they won yet!!!!

Now I'm not one for Psychics as they can not predict the future 100 percent. There is only one that can. And that is God. That is because he knows the future as he ordained it. And he also instructs us not to have anything to do with fortune telling.

I'm also not into lottery tickets. Id rather keep my money as your not going to win anyway. Its set up for the lottery corporation to make millions of dollars and guess who's money it is ? Yours?

They say that the average person spends $10. a week on lottery tickets, and in a year that's $520. and in 10 years that's $5,200. Now be truthful how many have won 5,200 bucks in the last 10 yrs not many of you. So Ill keep my money thanks.

Well enough on my rant today .. hope to catch you again here tomorrow.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Well you can see by this pic that Im trying to get into the Odd shot monday mode again. Its where I try and post a very odd pic i find and then join other bloggers and we post together all the odd shots on monday. Ok this one was found during our last Moss St. Paint-in. No it wasn't part of an exhibit just someone had some fun with this shirt and fire hydrant. enjoy. check out the other odd shots at Katney's Kaboodle

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer is busy

Summer brings busy times. I have been busy with work and things here with the construction of our new front deck. And with horseshoes and this weekend we had our grandson over for the weekend. So updates to the blog were put on the back burner.

Well the weekend brought a fun filled time. Friday nite we just had dinner at home and watched a movie with our grandson. But it heated up for Saturday. Up early and breakfast then up Mill Hill my grandson and I went. Its close to our house and as with our sons and our other grandson they all take their seat on the big boulder at the summit.

Then back home for lunch. A quick power nap and then out to Butchart Gardens for our yearly jaunt. Its fireworks nite ! We get our yearly pass and enjoy the fireworks that first nite. Well it was hot when we got there enjoyed walking around and had dinner.

Then started to watch the music entertainment then guess what the skies opened up. We thought it was a passing thing so made the best of it. It did stop for a 15 or so minutes but guess what it started again and then it pored. We tried to endure it but as the fireworks
started the wind picked up and then it started to chill us to the bone so it was time to leave. Upon Leaving it was a few others idea then too and it took a while to walk slowly out. With the fireworks going off behind us and the slow march out it gave the feeling of leaving a war torn country with missiles banging behind. But with out the fear.

Back home and a quick tub for our grandson to warm up and then we all crashed in our beds.

Well Ill leave another update for what happened on Sunday. Ok till then