Saturday, October 31, 2009

Torch relay

This post is about seeing the Olympic Torch Relay going thru our community. Tomorrow I will write about my last day on the job.

We took our grandson down the street to view the torch relay on Goldstream ave. Glad we didn't go downtown yesterday in the
rain and the crowds to watch. We saw it just on Goldstream where we ran into a friend and it was not crowded. It was I'm sure further down by city hall.

Some people are so much more ready for things like this than I . I never thought about bringing a flag. But glad I did bring my camera.

The first car was the countdown to the Olympics . It has the days and hours on the top . I don't think you can read it on this picture.
Then came the coke truck and the volunteers hading out flags with the route map on it. My grandson loved getting this flag to wave.

The next truck was from Royal bank and they were trying to get you excited. The guy on the top asked the crowd. What is the best country in the world. And you guessed it everyone yelled Canada.
And finally The torch arrives. It went by fast but not too fast as I got a couple of pictures.

Overall It was a good experience. Not too crowded. No protesters. My grandson enjoyed it even tho he doesn't know what the Olympics really are yet.

So if your in favor or not of the Olympics they are here now so lets all enjoy them and show the world why we Think Canada is the best place on the planet.

ok later

Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Day

Well it is now my last day on the job. I have left for work and will enjoy this day. I have waiting for this for years now and its now here. After almost 36 yrs I cant believe its here.

I'm hoping someone doesn't say to me we made a mistake and you have to continue on longer. No done all the planning everything is in place.

There will be a small party/gathering at work with all the employees and former employees to wish me well and enjoy the celebration with me.

The hat pictured here is one that I wore the first few years at Canada Post. That was when we were dressed like police officers and along with firemen were respected in the community and we wore our uniforms and badges proudly. Now don't get me wrong we are still respected by many of the public just not the overall general public like it was some 35 yrs ago. The hat fits but is a bit tight. I plan to wear it in the office tomorrow morning. Ok I made it. OH YEA.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some one wasn't thinking on this one

I don't think someone thought this one out completely. Today at the local mall there was a empty store that was being used for the 1st wave of shots against the H1N1 flu. It was for the ones that would be more vulnerable to the virus thaN most.

Now here is the part that looked weird. It was in a vacant store on the outside of the mall(there are vacant ones inside) and people were lined up outside in the rain waiting for the shot.
Now I don't know about you but if they were vulnerable maybe they should have them waiting somewhere inside where it was dry and warm.

I guess it was one of those things that when planned out looked great on paper but not in real life.

Anyway that is what I thought was weird today.

Only 1 more day to work OH YEA

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last week

Well this is my last week working at the Post Office. But woke up sick on Monday with this nasty flu. spent all of the day either in bed or on the couch.

But today feeling much better but still not there. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to work for the last 3 days.

Its cool that most of the businesses that I deliver to are counting the days down with me as I come through their doors.

Still mixed emotions as I get closer to retirement. I wont miss the working out in the elements but will miss talking with the people that I deliver to. I wont miss the politics of the job but will miss the people that I work with.

It will be good to drop by now and then and say hello to everyone at the Post office or by the businesses that i use to deliver to.

One way to keep in touch is a bunch of us retirees from our depot get together at a coffee shop where I delivered to on Wednesdays at 1030am.
So when I'm not working anymore I will still get to keep up to date with things.

ok hope to get back for the last few days.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ever wonder whats down there

Another video I found on youtube. This is taken by divers beneath the breakwater at Ogden point in Victoria. Im sure if you been to Victoria or lived here you have walked out on the breakwater or had coffee at the cafe at the begining of it. You probably even seen divers coming and going from the dive shop to the breakwater and then disappearing under the water. Now take a look at whats down there.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some people have too much time

Some people have too much time on their hands. I found this on youtube. It says best invention ever funny. How long do you think it took to set this up ? And how many tries did it take to get it to work right?

Anyway just something a little different today for you.

See you later

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7 More Days left

Well the countdown is really on now. Only 7 more work days left. Thursday and Friday this week and 5 days next week.

Of the things I will miss is yes you guessed it ! No more walking all day in snow, or rain , or wind. Yes the elements will be nice to watch from my comfy chair by the woodstove.

But there are a couple of things that I will miss. I will miss all the people I work with. Really Letter carriers do a fantastic job and in all that bad weather they just keep going. Even thou we are all different its amazing how often we just get along. Yes there are problems but in all we have fun at our job when left alone to do it. Not being bothered by management that want to try the new fangled idea. That usually isn't that new , been tried before many years ago.

The other thing is I will miss the people I deliver mail to. I deliver to the local mall and just going into the stores and saying hello is something that I have enjoyed. And all the homeowners and their families that I deliver not only bills to but presents, cards and those special things that they have ordered and are waiting patiently to arrive.

But life goes on and a new chapter in my life. Retirement, what will it be like ? Will I be busy enough? Will I have enough Money? Will my health hold up for a long time? When will we move to a one level house or apartment?

So bring it on , I'm ready for the challenge.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Whats wrong with the Canucks

So what's wrong with the Vancouver Canucks? I and many others are asking this question lately. After a promising preseason, They came out of the start of the season with 3 loses. and two of them were very ugly.

Then after 2 wins they seemed to have righted the ship a bit. Now with a few top players out with injury they have slid back down again. Now I know every team goes through the season with parts of it without key players. So if that's not the reason what is?

They seem to have lots of talent on the team and in the farm system but they seem so out of sinc. losing again tonight to the Calgary flames 5-3 and the score is flattering to the canucks 5-0 at one point.

How will they right the ship? Can you figure it out? Fire the coach? Make a trade? bench some players? What?

leave a comment and lets see if we can come up with a solution. and if the coach is reading this maybe some of our suggestions will work. Yours don't seem to be so far.

Ok waiting to see what you write.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too busy to work

Well again haven't posted in a while. Well the reason is I have been too busy. With our son moving back to Victoria and helping him get here with his Fiance and dog, helping them find an apartment and then helping them move things in and get things bought. Well add setting up at church and having our grandson over on the weekends and taking him to soccer. Well you get the idea. I haven't had time to post here. And when I have had the time I haven't been in the mood.

I have even haven't had time to go to work but I have. They say when you get close to retirement work gets in the way of your life. Well it has.

Any way only 13 more work days left.
And then a week after we will be having a open house for fellow workers, family , neighbours, and friends. So if you fall in one of those categories you are welcome to come along. details on the picture provided.

Ok hope to post tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well been a bit busy with picking up my son in the middle of BC with a broken down car. drove all night to get there and then picked him and his fiance and drove them back to here.

They now have decided to settle down back in Victoria and then it was the apartment search. then when they found one it was the moving of things into the apartment.

6 yr old grandson spent 3 nites with us too so you can see it was a busy few days. Well only 17 work days left till the retirement. alright.