Thursday, September 17, 2009

horseshoe update

Well sorry it took so long for this update. Well I must have peeked too soon in the horseshoe season as I didn't fair too well the the B.C. Championships. I was entered in the A division and was ranked 5th out of the 10 competitors. But It wasn't my weekend as I didn't play up to my potential.

I finished in 7 th place with a 3-6 record. My average was almost 10 % below but I did have one really good game at 63% ringers. You can see my results and all of the competitors here.

But we had a great time visiting the area of Kelowna. Had dinner down by the waters edge and met up with our son who drove up to spend the day and evening with us. All and all it was a good weekend. Now I'm determined to do better next year.


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