Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who is number 10

Watched a college football bowl game today. It was the Texas bowl between Baylor and Illinois.  Illinois won big time. I believe it was 38-14.  But that is not what caught my eye about the game.  During the first quarter I noticed that the quarterback's number was 10.  Then on defense another player had number 10.  I have never seen this before.  It must be a new rule where offense and defense players can have the same number. 

In the old days players played on both sides of the ball , offense and defense.  So the rule would not be in then.   I find it weird that two players on the same team have the same number but look at the roster below and see its not just these two players that have that but more.




You ever heard of this before.   well till next time

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hallelujah Chorus

Found this on a local site.  Not sure where the original mall is where it happened.  But was found on a great site that I like to visit every day.  Its called  Victoria Daily Photo

Enjoy the Chorus

Friday, December 24, 2010

It Christmas Eve

My good friend Dave sent me this link of the first Christmas concert by the North Point Community Church iBand, from Apharetta Georgia.   Its done with just Ipads, and Iphones.  Enjoy

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meaning of the sign

Some times you get the wrong meaning of the sign.  Well on this one it says " Fairway Divorce".   

So does that mean it is just a process that is fairer to both sides, Or is it for the golfing community.  
Where the wife wants to divorce the husband for spending too much time on the fairway?   Well you figure it out and let me know.  Extra points for telling me where the sign is.

Catch you later

Monday, December 20, 2010

9 hrs in a hotel

In Japan the concept of the short time hotel is a popular thing.  Would it work in North America?  I know ive seen dives that advertised hotels by the hr but they were usually for the sex industry.   Well this is interesting.  Wonder what the price is?

Would you stay in one like this?  Leave a comment

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Digital story of the Nativity

Another find during my internet searchings.  With it being Christmas and new songs, stories, poems, and what have you about Christmas.  I found this one.  A digital story of the Nativity, using gmail, facebook, etc.   enjoy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New style Guitar

I came across this on the internet today. Its a new style of guitar. It costs in the range of 8-9 hundred dollars.   It will be interesting to see how far this concept goes.  I need a guitar player to tell me what they think.  I would think it would be weird to switch to something like this.   Ok Dave what do you think?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HST ????

Being thinking about the HST tax here in BC lately.  Now I know you probably heard all the arguments about it for a long time now.  But Here is one that really bothers me.  Not the one that it was installed without us really having a say , or the Government lying about it before the election. The part that really bugs me , is that they said that when the tax is in , it will be cheaper for the companies to produce goods so they will pass the saving on to the consumer.   Well have you seen any cheaper prices because of the HST?   I certainly haven't.  
  I mean when has a business man selling a product and then it becomes cheaper to produce, lower his prices.  No he's in the mindset that he will get what ever price he can.  Let the market dictate.  So that's whats happening here,  no lower price, at least not till he starts losing business because his prices are too high.  And no one is buying.

What are your feelings?   leave a comment.   Oh and when I used he and his in my example, it could be she and hers.

Ok till next time

Sunday, December 12, 2010

And it rained !

Well the last 24 hours from Sat. morning to Sun morning it rained hard.  I do mean Hard.  I think it was like 100 mm of rain. So lots of flooding in the local area , with roads flooded, basements, and even storm drains and a few sewer overflows too.  

Well we even had our small flood here.  But no damage for us.  It was just in the back yard.  So far it didn't get into the shed yet. But if it continued it might have.   And then that flood from the back yard has to make its way thru the yard and down to the creek.  Of course that path is right by our driveway.  So luckily we had the ditch ready for the winter rains.    But yes that's a lot of water running by.

 Ok till next time

Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Search of 3D TV


Well CBC Hockey Night in Canada , tonight spent $300,000. to broadcast the Toronto Maple Leaf vs the Montreal Canadiens game in 3D.  So I thought I would go out and try a Electronic store like Best buy or Future Shop  and see what it looked like in 3D.

First I got to Best Buy just as the broadcast was starting. I found the 3D TVs and then when a sales person came by I asked if they could put the hockey game on.  Well after 3 sales people I finally got the answer, Sorry we don't have cable on the TVs.  Its only game boxes or dvds hooked up to them.    WHAT!!!!

Ok out of that store and I headed up to Future shop.  I got there and there was a TV labeled 3D and it was showing the hockey game. Only one other guy trying to watch it.   But I soon realized it was only in 2D.   The other guy said you wont believe it they are scrambling around to get the game in 3D.  I guess they knew it was on but just assumed they would just switch to the channel and get it.      
  After 15 min or so.  They finally realized that they had to phone the cable company Shaw, and find out where it was located.  And then they came back to us at the TV and said, Shaw is not giving the feed for it.   They said maybe next time. 

So let me get this straight ,  Its just before Christmas, and every store is gung ho on selling new TVs, And the Broadcast of the first hockey game is in 3D , and No one is prepared to get this on the TVs to show.   Wow unbelievable.   Not that I was going to buy a 3D TV .  But I wanted to witness the first one shown in 3d.

So I started to head home , when a salesperson said we can upgrade the 2D to 3D.  I said what?   He said anything broadcast in 2D can be upgraded by the TV to 3D.  Ok lets see.

Well I guess its not the same quality as the real 3D feed but I put the glasses on and watched about 5 min of hockey.  I was not impressed.  Yes it looked a bit 3d.  No one jumping out of the screen , and the players looked like they were floating a few inches above the ice.  The text was hard to read when they showed info on a player.   I could get very tired watching this 2D to 3D.  So I'm hoping that when they get the proper feed of 3D for a hockey game it looks a lot better than this upgraded look at 3d.    If not 3D will never catch on with hockey.  

I predict 3D will die out and Hd will be the only way for TVs to go with that improving over the years.

ok till next time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Thoughts

Three thoughts for you today.  As my day proceeded today I came across 3 thoughts of things I saw or encountered. 

Ok no. 1 ,   while walking on Dallas rd, we saw not one but four freighters plying the waters in front of us.  I always say when I see a freighter on the water here, All is well with the world. Commerce is moving. Well with 4 of them It must be going great today.

No. 2   ,  Again continuing on dallas rd we came by Harrison pond, Its the little duck pond that the model boat builders sail their boats on.  There was a garbage can with a number not just stuck on but screwed on , like it was meant to be there for a long time.  So the question that came to me was why the number.  Was it the 20th garbage can in the pickup schedule?  But the others along the way didn't have a number on them.  Maybe it was a check point for a marathon that was held a while ago.  If that's the case wouldn't a sticker be better then it could be removed later.  So help me out and give me some other ideas why.  You know how to tell me click on the comments section just below this post.

Ok no 3.    I went to the bank today to order more checks for our checking account.  It cost me $40 bucks for 100 checks.  Thats 40 cents a check.  I asked why the cost and said it wasn't long when we got checks free. The lady told me that no they have never been free.   Of course I corrected her and the lady next to her told her too.   Now the kicker,  I asked if I could have a couple of blank checks to use till my order got here.  No we don't carry blank checks anymore.  But I can give you a money order.  What.   repeat that again.     Lets see no more checks for just a fast payment.  I'm getting the feeling the bank doesn't want me to write checks anymore and to use debit instead.  Whats next they wont have any cash at the bank.

Ok till later

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After 25 years

Well after 25 years the neighbourhood changes.   I posted awhile back that we now have some sidewalks, garbage can, bus stop, and more street lights. Along with a 50plus small lot subdivision.  

 Well today another change in the neighbourhood. One of the original houses was knocked down to make room for another small subdivision I think.   It was a very nice big older home that had character written all over it.   Not exactly sure of the origin but when we moved in a older man named Mr. Grant lived in it.
  He lived there till about 5 yrs ago.  we use to chat with him regularly as we walked by his place.  And then he would talk with us as he passed us on his daily walk. 
When he moved we missed his presence but still had the old house to remind us of him.   

Now its gone.   So this post is a tribute to him and his house.    Mr Grant you and your house are gone but not forgotten in our memories.  God bless you.

Till later

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Map of walk

Well I did it .  It took a bit of figuring out but I got a addon for my browser that will capture the screen shot.  I think it was 2.7 miles walk today.


Walking map

Well trying out this feature of Google maps to see if I can post a map of where I walked today.

Todays Walk

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How did they do that

This is an interesting video.  Its almost 20 min. long but very intriguing.  It just shows if you have a talent and a vision that you can accomplish quite alot.  But it takes hours of practice , patience, failure, and lots of thinking on how to do it.  So enjoy this and let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

Till we meet again here  good day.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Camas Trail

 Out for a walk the other day in Oak Bay, we walked along this trail called Camas Trail.

 Some portions of it were just dirt covered with leaves and others were paved and alley like.

And the start of it was just north of the Estevan shopping area, and the end of it was down the stairs to Willows beach.

Have you ever walked on this trail?

Friday, November 26, 2010

First Snow

 Well Victoria got hit with a November snow storm. It caused a bit of havoc for a few days.  But all in all everyone seemed to cope with it quite well. Except the drivers coming home on the first day from work.  A lot of people were trying to drive without snow tires in rush hour and a few hills caused some major traffic jams on the roads out of town.  It was said that it took 1/2 hr to drive one block at a major intersection.

But It didn't stop the Horseshoe players .  The Wed morning group played on but numbers were down.  And the Thursday nite guys played also.  This last pic was from the Thursday nite group.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Geeky Christmas Gifts

Well it's time for your Christmas shopping and where would you be without my geeky Christmas gift ideas.  Let me know if you buy any of these.  I probably wont but was interesting looking around and seeing these.

1.   The bubble wrap popping Calendar.  Remember how you love to pop bubble wrap. Now you can pop one every day.

2.  The Santa usb thumb drive.  transfer your files in the festive season.
 3.  The grass mat device charger.   Just throw your device into the charger and let it get up to charge
 4.   The Iphone fold up projector.   Show those youtube videos on the wall for everyone to see.
 5.   Rechargeable batteries with a different style .  They plug into the usb port of your computer to charge up
 6.   The melting clock.  Designed to look like the clock has been in a fire or intense heat and was warped.
7.   The Etch-a-Sketch   T shirt.   We all loved playing with this at Christmas time.
 8.   I Poo'd  T shirt.  This one is for the small child on your list.
 9.    Musical singing M & M's .   You have to have something musical at Christmas time.
 10.   The usb mini fridge.    Not sure what you can fit in it but I'm thinking a can of coke might fit.   That way you don't have to go to the kitchen to get that drink.
 Ok there you go your all set to go out there and shop.


Sunday, November 21, 2010


 Well Just got caught up with life after returning from Mexico. We were down there to celebrate my Son's wedding and It was a great time to be had by all.  Not a huge number of people but we had a great time getting along with family, friends, and Of course Our new Daughter in-law and her family.

I have added some pics to share with you of our trip.  Sorry I didn't have any of the Wedding as I was part of the Wedding party and not able to take any pics then.
 This is the view from the resort looking east toward the ocean.
 We took a cruise on a Sailing boat to see El Arco and to do some scuba diving.  Lunch was included too.

 This was the view of the pool from our room.  Spent lots of time in the pool.
 Outside the Post Office .  this is the mode of transportation for the Lettercarriers.
 City square with giant flag.  There was a celebration just around the corner for a Centennial .
 A female police officer directing traffic downtown San Jose del Cabo.  And every pic I took of her was interrupted by cars . Couldn't get a clear pic of her
 The pool again.  Nice to relax beside it when not in it.
 The beach out front of the resort
And last a night shot of town.  On the last night we were there we went and watch the celebrations and walked thru the arts section of town.  It was the weekly (thursday nite) arts night. All the art type shops were open till 9.

Well hope you enjoyed the pics.  click on them if you want to see the pics a bit bigger.

Ok till next time

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hockey in Mexico

Last night here in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.  We will be atempting to watch the Canucks game from the resorts computer stations.  Hope we can get it. 

But last night what a beautiful wedding and reception for my Son and his lovely bride.  We had a blast at the reception and such a perfect setting.  The highlight was a marachi band that escorted us from the chapel to the reception area and then played for a hr while we mingled before dinner.  Wish you were all here it was so great.   I hope to put a few pics up when I get home of the resort.  But if you want to search it out on google type in cabo azul resort.

ok see you later

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sitting by the pool before the wedding at San jose del Cabo mexico
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Down in Mexico

Down in Mexico feeling free as the air. Here I am stuck in the city still going no where.

Leaving soon for the Baja peninsula in Mexico.  San Jose del Cabo.  Just down the road from Cabo san Lucas.

I am not taking my computer but hoping to send a few short couple of lines posts from my phone.    Traveling to visit and holiday and attend our youngest son's wedding.

Well    lets see if I can spell this right.   Asta la Vista baby

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another from phone

Well sending this from my phone again. Had a lot of trouble today fixing the tsa requirements for our flight to mexico.
It took a few phone calls and a few hours toget it right. So when travelling through or over US air space make sure your ticket name matches your passport.

Till next time.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Two different thoughts

Just a couple of thoughts I have had in the last few days.  

1.  Why as a city (Victoria) are we spending money for urinals after midnight so the drunks have a nice place to pee.  Yes I know it's better than them peeing in front of a business door.  But the people that do that will still do that urinal or no urinal.

 Also While these Urinals are being provided for this. We were in a park the other day and a little girl with her Grandmother were there. The little girl said, "Grandma I have to pee".  And what did Grandma say back.  " Let's go find a tree for you."  Now why cant we spend the money for a nice bathroom for the innocent little girl to pee at instead of the drunk?   Your views?

2.  There is a big push on cutting down bad hits in hockey games and other sports now that cause concussions.  So I ask you why if they don't want hits to the head , do they still allow fighting in hockey games?  
On the radio the other day it was even reported that a lot of players are getting concussions from these fights too.  So when is the NHL going to step up and ban the fighting from the game. Its banned from the Olympics, and world Jr tournaments and that is some great hockey. So why cant we ban it from our NHL and Stanley Cup playoffs?  

Your view?

Leave a comment below

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Again

This was once a very good Fish and Chip place.  It was run by three guys that did a great job.  It was known from all around Victoria that the best fish and chips (especially the Halibut) was from this Estevan ave location.

But about 2 yrs ago we arrived there to get some of those delicious fries and halibut and there were 3 new guys running the shop.  With signs saying new management.  But we gave it a try and I have to tell you it was very disappointing.  We were really disappointed as this was our favourite spot.  You see we liked to get our food and just drive 2 blocks to willows beach.  There we would enjoy the food along with the great sights.  In great sights I mean the ocean and the mountains, and the boats going by.  No not the bathing beauties!
Then to our surprise last year we were just walking by and it was really busy in the shop.  We looked in and one of the original 3 guys was working there.  We didn't stop then but today we went back and I have to say the quality was back to what it was before.  Good again.

Have you ever eaten there?  If not try it , And enjoy the food by the ocean.

Ok till later