Monday, November 2, 2009

First day off

Well today is the first day I spent not working. Officially I'm still on holidays till Dec 02 but with it before my retirement date its all retirement.

Well slept in a bit had a nice coffee and breakfast with my wife, and then went out to get all the leaves off of the driveway and back patio. It took me a couple of hrs. I have a new blower/sucker/mulcher so it made the job quite enjoyable. Then took the garbage in to the garbage drop off.

Then to the fun part of the day. Joined my brother in law at Shawnigan lake and we went fishing. The weather was off and on rain but we enjoyed it anyway. What a way to spend when you retire to get out of working in the rain and you go fishing and it rains. The catch was 5 fish between us with him getting most of them. Ok all of them. I had a few bites but nothing stayed on. Guess I'm just a rookie at this retirement. Ill beat him next time.

then the evening I spent with my wife watching baseball on TV. I had last nites game recorded so watched that one without the commercials. I love to fast forward over commercials and pitching changes. Then after that one we watch tonight's. Which was being recorded too . So no commercials. Both really good games. Its turning into a very good world series.

Ok a great first day of Retirement. looking forward to more.

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