Sunday, July 24, 2011

odd shot July 24

A perfect cup of tea ruined.   This is what happens when everything else goes right.   Not my tea, but my wives .  Made her a new one.

See more odd shots at.

I try to put up odd pics on monday.  Ok this is sunday a day early.  enjoy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Hoy Mate

 Well it was out to sea today on the pirate adventures out of fisherman's wharf.  It is right near the famous Barb's fish and chips.

This was a great time and good value for your money too.  It cost us all $20 each. for just over a hr cruise and entertainment.  And it was action packed.

We all dressed up as pirates you see in the pictures, learned the language and dances of pirates and then the adventure began. 

Some one called the Captain a name like Scurvy  and he then proceeded to try and make that man walk the plank.  But he was saved in the last moment.

We found a bottle floating in the water with a map.  Yes a treasure map.  Then we battled  Stinky Pete for the key and then found the treasure.   Once opened we shared in the booty.  We all got 3 pieces of toy treasure.    Then celebrated by dancing and drinking the Grog (pepsi).    

If you haven't checked it out I recommend it .  The kids love it and really get into the action.   O did I mention we had water cannons that we fired at Stinky Pete.

Check it out

 till next time
Shiver me timbers

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anniversary and Tourney

Well its been a while since I posted last so here is an update on last weekend. 

We travelled over on the ferry (pacific Island Cruise ship , otherwise know as BC Ferries).  Then because we got in around rush hour and didn't want to drive thru Langley , and the #1 highway at that time we went to White Rock for dinner.  Had Chinese food and a nice stroll along the ocean front walkway.

I should tell you now that this was an escape for our 31 wedding anniversary and to play in the BC International Horseshoe Pitching Tournament in Abbotsford.

After we left White Rock we headed to Abbotsford a different way. Ive always heard of taking 0 ave. along the Canada USA border.  It took us about 45 min and we came out right at Abbotsford by our hotel.

The tournament was on Sat. and Sun. Had a fairly good tournament but lost out in playoff for first place.  It was a disastrous game as I went stone cold and my opponent was hot.  A short game.  I came 2nd.

But the highlight of the weekend was our trip Saturday night into downtown Vancouver for dinner.  We found a free parking space along Georgia st .  How many times do you find a free parking space?

Then a fantastic dinner at Cardero's right on the water at Coal Bay.  I highly recommend this place.  Great food , good view of the waterfront there.

Then a  walk along the walkway to part of Stanley Park and then by Lost Lagoon, and then Denman and Robson for Coffee.   After another short stroll it was back to the truck and a nice uneventful ride back to abbotsford.

We travelled home on Sunday and just missed the 7pm ferry so we switched over to the duke point at 815 and then home.

But Monday was our real anniversary and we just did chores around the house and had a nice lunch on the deck.

A great weekend