Monday, December 7, 2009

Seniors discount

Well today we went for our yearly together Christmas shopping. Usually I take a days holiday from work and we spend all day my wife and I and do Christmas shopping. But this year I am retired so couldn't take a day off from work cause every day is off. Isn't that great. I think so.
And of course we have lunch and dinner out and make a whole day of it.

Well today in Zellers we were picking up some things and paying for them. We found some very good sales and when the cashier asked if we were eligible for the seniors discount I said how old do you have to be. Now I was thinking she would say 60 or 65. But to my surprise she said 55. Well I didn't let a second go by and I replied I'm in.

This was our first senior discount as both of us had just turned 55 within the last two weeks.

So we of course had to see if we could get some more bargains at the store instead of going to another store. Yes we did so we accomplished quite a bit in that one store.

Now its checking out what other stores and dates we are eligible for the discount now.

ok enjoy ill take 10% off next blog


Kathreen said...
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Kathreen said...

Sorry! Last post didn't make sense.
Not to sound like a 'sniffling Gen.X'er' but I don't think senior's discounts are here to stay. Go for it! I'm glad someone gets to enjoy it!