Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years eve hockey

Well it is New Years eve and that means lots of hockey on TV. With the World Junior tournament and Canada and USA usually play against each other on this night.
Plus Vancouver Canucks are playing too. So the plan was to tape the Canucks game and watch it after the Canada - USA game.

Well the best laid plans need some refining . You see TSN which is showing the Canada-USA game has a sports ticker that comes up on the bottom of the screen with scores from other hockey games and other sports. So I don't want to see the Canucks score so had to come up with a plan. The picture here shows my high tech solution. just three pieces on the bottom of the screen to stop my eyes from seeing the sports ticker.

Well it worked great. Canada won a fantastic game. Being down 4-2 with about 10 min left they tied it up and scored another but it was disallowed. So the game went to overtime and then to a Shootout.
Canada scored on all three of their shots with the USA scoring on 2 out of 3. So now Canada advances to the Semi-finals and USA disappointed plays in the Quarter - finals.

OK Happy New year I'm off to watch the Canucks game now.

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