Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer is busy

Summer brings busy times. I have been busy with work and things here with the construction of our new front deck. And with horseshoes and this weekend we had our grandson over for the weekend. So updates to the blog were put on the back burner.

Well the weekend brought a fun filled time. Friday nite we just had dinner at home and watched a movie with our grandson. But it heated up for Saturday. Up early and breakfast then up Mill Hill my grandson and I went. Its close to our house and as with our sons and our other grandson they all take their seat on the big boulder at the summit.

Then back home for lunch. A quick power nap and then out to Butchart Gardens for our yearly jaunt. Its fireworks nite ! We get our yearly pass and enjoy the fireworks that first nite. Well it was hot when we got there enjoyed walking around and had dinner.

Then started to watch the music entertainment then guess what the skies opened up. We thought it was a passing thing so made the best of it. It did stop for a 15 or so minutes but guess what it started again and then it pored. We tried to endure it but as the fireworks
started the wind picked up and then it started to chill us to the bone so it was time to leave. Upon Leaving it was a few others idea then too and it took a while to walk slowly out. With the fireworks going off behind us and the slow march out it gave the feeling of leaving a war torn country with missiles banging behind. But with out the fear.

Back home and a quick tub for our grandson to warm up and then we all crashed in our beds.

Well Ill leave another update for what happened on Sunday. Ok till then

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