Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Guitar

Found some entertainment in the local paper , and today my wife and I went to a lunch time concert.  It was at the St. Mary's Church in Oak Bay.  The performer was a man that we have seen before performing while we enjoyed lunch in the Empress quite a few years ago.  Also his music is heard on CBC and on Galaxy music on the local cable.  His name  Brad Prevedoros

It was an fantastic music, and picked up 2 of his CDs .  One Christmas cd and the other one to play all year round.
His website is

The other thing that was discovered is the fantastic stained glass windows in this church.  Here are 3 pics of some of the glass.  They are not the best pictures but you get the idea of how good the stained glass is.  Beside each one is a small description to tell what is being told.  One even told of the two mistakes in the design.  They are worth seeing.  I want to go back some time and really look at them with more time to see all the details.


Friday, December 14, 2012

The picture

As previous blog the after which showed the transformation of the den (man cave) in our house. Now we have added "The Picture" . This picture has caught my eye for a while. 
It is done by a local artist   Cameron Thurbid  
An area the my wife and I love to walk is dallas rd. And especially down near the end of it at the far side of Ross bay.
There is the sight that is on this picture.  Its titled St.Charles and Dallas.

Well we ordered it 10 days ago and it was the finnishing touch of our den reno. It just arrived today so we picked it up and hung it right away.  (yes it was my Christmas present early from my wife. along with all the renos, and her present too.)

Enjoy and if you want to see more pictures by Cameron Thurbid click on his link above.

this is from Camerons website.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Techno war

With Technology changing so fast it is so hard to keep up. And in the TV land its always hard.  So here I am trying to come up with a cheap solution  for my TV viewing.  
With me being of Scottish heritage I don't want to spend a lot.

So here was my problem, we have gotten into watching netflix. And it usually required us to take the wii console off of our sons (yes adoption final) tv and hook it up on the main tv to watch netflix.    So without buying a new HD TV yet ,  ours still works great.  The wii hooked up fine with the composite connections.
But that was a hassle every time.

So I spotted some blueray/dvd players with wireless connection and netflix and youtube apps to run on your non smart TV.

So after researching them a bit it became obvious you needed a HDMI connection to your TV.  And I didn't have that.

So I finnaly found one that had the old composite connections but when I brought it home it was only wifi ready and you needed an adapter , more money.
So I took that back and gave up on the idea.
The next thought was to get another wii console and hook it up to the main TV.   

But then i stumbled across this blueray/dvd player.
   And what a suprise.  It works great.  It has the wireless and the composite and HDMI connections.  So works with this TV and then will work with the next new one I get maybe a year from now.

Hooked it up in no time and was watching netflix and youtube right away.  Also came with some other interesting apps, like google maps and picassa web pictures.

So its great to view the pictures from my blog right away or I can watch pics put on DVD or thumb drives.

Cant be more happy with this and it was on sale too .  Only cost me $99.    I highly recommend it , if you want to upgrade to make your TV a smart TV.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The After

If you recall in an earlier post , I showed you pictures of a messy den.  Well the final project is here now.  With new carpet, paint, moulding and murphy bed with desk, it looks like a million dollars.    The new den (or as its called nowdays mancave). 




Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Journey

When you take pictures you get lots of ones that you glance at and never look at again.  But on occasion you find one that has a special quality.   It becomes engraved in your mind.  You see it everywhere and you dream about it.    It seems alive.  You want to share it.   You put it on your computer as a background. 
And post it on your blog.   I titled this " The Journey".

This picture was taken on a walk on the Galloping Goose trail in Metchosin.  It is part of a walk we did one day 5 km one way and back.  It starts just off Rocky Point rd near Matheson lake and goes to Roche cove in East Sooke.  A very fantastic walk in the fall.     Enjoy


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feet of Clay

Just read this interesting article on Brian Simmons. It was titled Feet of clay, Heart of Iron.   A wonderful story of a man with many health issues but still one of the best horseshoe players in the world today.  I encourage you to read the article, Its amazing what this man has accomplished.


One day I would love to go to the world tournament to compete but so far finances just keep me going to the Canadians.  But one day I will go and hope to play against these men.

Well enough for now.  I will try to post more regularly .

Friday, November 16, 2012

Review of wibbitz

I came across this website that will make a short video of your blog.  So of course I tried it out.
Here is the result.  Something different.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Someone to help when you do something dumb

Here is a video when a kid rode a escaltor but was outside the rail.  But a shop owner saw what would happen and was there to help.   Watch it.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun with Lockout

While the NHL lockout has been going on for a bit, and we all miss the hockey games, there has been some funny lines being said.   Here are a few to make you laugh.  

The first one I saw on twitter.  It goes along a smart phone screen where you slide to unlock the phone.  Well its got the NHL Logo and the slide to unlock but the tweeter said I wish it was this easy. Meaning to end the lockout.  Of course I tweeted back "   Trying to slide but no movement. Maybe it will work next week."

The other is a Major Junior hockey team in Ontario is holding there 50/50 draw but with the theme from the NHL bargaining position of 57/43 share.   The winner will get 57 % of the pot instead of the usual 50%.

Always to have fun with these things. hope you got a giggle or two from them seeyou soon

Sunday, October 14, 2012

So you understand modern technology

So you understand modern technology.  Watch this video then tell me if you do.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things had to change

Well things had to change , And it all started with this room.  We decided that we needed to clear out this room and create a new one.  

 And then it all started.  If we take out this furniture , Maybe we need to put in here a murphy bed with desk combo.   Then if we do that we should replace the carpet here and the other bedroom next to it.   
And if we do that we need to paint the whole interior of the house. 

So that's where it went, and now almost complete.  We are just waiting for the murphy bed to arrive and then put the baseboards on and its finished.

No we didn't win the lottery, and I don't win that much playing horseshoes.  But you need to update every now and then.

Stay tune for pics of the finished product

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Option 2

Hey back.   haven't posted in such a long time.  With busy horseshoe season and some renos at home taken up the time.  But what great weather we have had.

See all the wood in this pic.   well we have the new wood shed built in the back yard , which is up two levels from the wood.  So how do you get it up there.  Option 1 which we did before was throw some down to the road.  load in truck drive up to carport then wheelbarrow up to the last level and into the shed.   one load is enough for a days work.

So Option 2 is even better.   Never thought of it before but its a great way to get the job done.
There are 3 of us that live here , so we have an agreement that each one must carry 2 pieces of wood up to the woodshed each day before dinner.  If you haven't done your 2 pieces at dinner time , guess what.  get out there and do it before your allowed to eat.

So 365 days a year , times 3 of us , times 2 pieces each = 2,190 pieces of wood moved.

And no one gets wiped out.    Good plan eh !

See ya soon

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Catch Up

Just Catching up with blog from last entry.  We finished our trip to the Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships in Saskatoon, Sask.   I played not to bad but of course not as good as I wanted to.  In the end I finished in 3rd place.  All in all not bad 3rd in Canada.   I'm ok with that.  

My Grandson won the Pee Wee Championship, and a boy and girl from our Victoria Club won the Jr Boys and Jr Girls Titles.

The trip was great we were gone a whole 2 weeks and travelled in Canada to Saskatoon, and then returned by way of USA.  Traveling thru Montana , Idaho, and Washington State. 

In the next while Ill show you some pictures of the trip.  From Canada and cities and towns like Coeur d'alene, La, Conner, and Anacortes.  

Ok well till then take care

Friday, July 13, 2012

A little Behind

With one more day to go Im a little behind in the standings at the Canadian Horseshoe pitching Championships in Saskatoon Sask.  I need to get hot the last day to move up in the standings. Check out the complete standings for all divisions here 

Wish me luck

Monday, July 2, 2012

Off to the Canadians

It's that time of year when we travel to a part of Canada for the Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships.  This year we are heading to Saskatoon Sk.  Ive been there a few times before and will be nice to view that city again.

I hope that Im ready this year for good success.  But I have conflicting thoughts.  One is that I hurt my knee about 2 weeks ago.  Its not bad now little sore and swollen but I can play without too much pain .   Just have to take it easy.  
The other thought is I just played a tourney up in Ladysmith this weekend and played well.  I finnished 5 wins and 0 losses with a ringer percent around 55%.  Im going to have to play that well or even better this year , as I am in the A group.  
There is 6 players in my group and I will be playing them all once every day for 3 days.  Total of 15 games.

You can follow the results here at the Championship website. Cheer me on.  and see you after its over.

you can see all of the results from the BC tournaments at this website. bc horseshoe results

Monday, June 18, 2012

Funny place for the sign

A few weeks ago, we were walking down the Galloping Goose Trail in Metchosin.  If you haven't been on it , its a great place to get away and just go for a walk.  It runs from Victoria to just past Sooke a old gold town called leechtown.

Anyway as we were walking I spotted these stop signs and thought they seemed like a weird spot for them.  It was just a old hardly ever used driveway into a farm.  But I guess its better to be on the safe side.    I'm sure coming out of the farm you would look for people on the trail even if the signs were not there.  Anyway enjoy the pics.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Now after a delay

Its been getting close to a month since my last post.  So I guess its time for an update.  You have seen pics on here of trees cut down, wood split, and woodsheds built.   Getting ready for winter .  Now with all the outside work being finished and now that we don't need to burn wood to keep warm. It was time for the inside upgrade.

The wood stove above is the one we purchased back in 1985. It was a Wilks stove.  They stopped building them not long after.  It was a local Victoria made stove.   But after 27 yrs it started to show its age.  With a couple cracks in the inside firebox, it was time to upgrade.   That meant a new more energy efficient stove and of course a new chimney that brought everything up to code and of course looking new again.  
So I bring you the new Stove.  It also is a fairly local made stove.  It is made just up Island by Pacific Energy.  Its a lot smaller but a lot more efficient too.   We went with a smaller unit but added the porcelain touch for decorative looks.
Well do you like it.

  Too bad we have to wait till fall to use it.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Spent the afternoon and early evening out at Sidney. walking along the walkway we spotted an otter. Well we assume it was a otter.  It seemed a bit different, maybe its a mink , or something else.  That's where you come in and tell me what it is.  I will research it online but if you know for sure leave me a note in the comment section. 

He was very cute and was running along all along the beach. We saw him at 430pm and about 730pm.  So he was a busy little guy.

Ok enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Start of Summer

Summer has started !   We had our first BBQ on Friday Night.  The long weekend and company from out of town, was a perfect time to start up the BBQ and have our first one of the season.  Luckily I had enough gas left from last year to run the bbq.  And the local store had a great deal on steaks.  So It was all set .  It was delicious and now cant wait till the next one.   Who knows maybe you will be invited sometime this year. Ok till then just savour the sights .

Monday, May 7, 2012


I do the stats for our local horseshoe league and keep everyones averages and ringer percentages.   I was using excel spreadsheet to do them and was having a problem with a formula in the spreadsheet.  So I contacted a guy online that helps people with problems like this.

He helped me then he asked if he could use the example to put in his blog and newsletter to help others.  He also interviewed me for the blog too.  You can check it out here and see his take on it.

Ok till later

Monday, April 23, 2012

Got to get one of these

Yes I think every house should have one of these.  New toy out of Japan.   What do you think?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Whats on your porch

Along the lines from the commercial whats in your wallet, we now have Whats on your porch.  During our many gallivanting walks throughout Greater Victoria , we saw this on someones porch.  

Now I don't know anyone , or have ever seen this on any one's porch before.  I know as a xpostie Ive seem more than my share of porches, but never have I seen gumball machines on a porch before.   Have you?

I wonder if I was allowed to go up and buy a gumball?

Do kids live there?   How often do they have to refill them?

What is the weirdest thing you have seen on a porch?  leave a comment below

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well over the past year you have seen pictures of trees cut down and bucked up and wood split.  Now after all that is finished we were able to do what we finally wanted to for the area.  Watch and enjoy.


Friday, March 30, 2012


Last wednesday I went for a long walk to pick up something from JDF rec centre and then on to Westshore Town Centre.  Had coffee with a few fellows I use to work with then back home.

I used and mapped out my route.   I followed streets and the Galloping Goose trail.  In all it was 9.70 km.
here is the map I took and saved with a screen capture.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last post was a mystery place.  And congrats to our friend Beryl who guessed it was the Lt. Governors House.  the lane down the side of it.   

If you grew up in Victoria in the 60s you would have seen this tower.  It could be seen from many parts of Victoria or Saanich and was known as "The Candle".   It had a neon light on top in the shape of a flame.   It was some kind of water tower and I'm not sure when it stopped having the light on it.  But here are a couple of pics of it.  enjoy

 Here is some info I found on the internet about the tower

Water Tower, Laurel Lane    1909
The 128-foot water tower was built by contractor Henry Kaiser. In 1962, to commemorate the centenary of Victoria, the tower was topped by a 22-foot tall neon flame, which burned for over 25 years. The tower has a capacity of 93,000 gallons but has been empty for several years. Unfortunately it is not possible to get all the way to the tower as it is surrounded by private property -- please respect the signs in the vicinity.