Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Odd sight

Well haven't posted for a week, what a week it was with busy with work in that 35 degree heat. I'm so looking forward to retirement to get away from the extreme weather. And busy weekend with our Grandson again and a Horseshoe tournament in Ladysmith and I played extremely well and won the Men's A division. Now that is a first for me.

Well today I saw a odd sight that i had to chuckle at. At Westshore Town Centre (formerly Canwest mall) They had a psychic fair. But it was set up right across from the Lottery booth. So do you go to the fair first get your lucky numbers then buy your lottery ticket. And if they are so Psychic maybe they will keep the lucky numbers for them self. And why haven't they won yet!!!!

Now I'm not one for Psychics as they can not predict the future 100 percent. There is only one that can. And that is God. That is because he knows the future as he ordained it. And he also instructs us not to have anything to do with fortune telling.

I'm also not into lottery tickets. Id rather keep my money as your not going to win anyway. Its set up for the lottery corporation to make millions of dollars and guess who's money it is ? Yours?

They say that the average person spends $10. a week on lottery tickets, and in a year that's $520. and in 10 years that's $5,200. Now be truthful how many have won 5,200 bucks in the last 10 yrs not many of you. So Ill keep my money thanks.

Well enough on my rant today .. hope to catch you again here tomorrow.

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