Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lights on

Well today is Dec. 01 and we went for a walk at Butchart Gardens. Now today is the official lightup there at 5pm. But we went early just for the walk. It is interesting to go and see the sights without the lights and crowds and because we have a yearly pass it didn't cost us anything.

So now you can according to me anyway start your Christmas lights. You see I have a rule here at our house and I always say that you cant do that till Dec. 01. You must be wondering why. Well my reason is my birthday is Dec.o1 and I want you to concentrate on that first then its ok to move on to Christmas. Well we all have our reasons for things we do.

Anyway this is a important birthday for me , I turn 55 and now its freedom 55. Tomorrow is my official retirement day. But I have been on holidays for the last 4 weeks so I have just eased into it.

ok turn on the lights lets do Christmas now


Kathreen said...

Happy Birthday. May it be a super year for you!

A Toronto girl out West said...

I LOVE that Freedom 55 actually took place for you!!! :o)

I don't know that you could ask for a better present than an opportunity to enjoy the rest of your days! Without having to worry about work!

Happy Birthday!!1