Friday, August 21, 2009

Lets just pick one up quickly

Well picking up our Grandson for the weekend we decided to see if we could find a putter for him and us cheaply at the sports traders. Well just stopping there quickly didn't turn out. We went in and the cheapest was $24. So if we bought 3 and add tax that would be about $80. for a cheap little game of putting at Beacon Hill park.

So we tried to find one at the local thrift stores. But no luck. They only had a handful of clubs but mostly 5 and 8 irons or drivers.

Then we thought we were giving up on the idea when we dropped off some things at a friends house and told him the story . He had get this just what we needed 3 putters that he lent us.

So off to the park we went and spent only about 1/2 hr doing this before we were off to something else. Glad i didn't spend the $80.

So I will return the clubs soon to our friend but now I'm on the lookout for 3 cheap putters to keep in the truck for any other trip to the putting green.

Ok till next time keep your head down and a slow and steady back swing.

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wml said...

I will keep my eyes open..One "a putter is a putter is a putter" or are the different and you need something specific?