Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey remember the Garbage Gobblers from the 60s.  They were put on all the highways in BC.  It was kinda the 60s version of putting nice murals on the hydro boxes around the area now. 
It was fun to spot as kids as we travelled from Victoria to Nanaimo for visits.    They were made of concrete and Im sure were a bit hit with everyone .  Too bad they took them away.  I mean its hard just to find a garbage can now.  I guess less garbage cans means less money to pay for people to empty them.   Sad time we live in.

Anyway these pictures are in Veterans Park in Langford.  According to the plaque this is the very site that the Garbage Gobblers were made.  I thought that was cool to have one there.

Ok anyone seen any other of these around in their travels?  Im sure there has to be a couple still somewhere.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Odd Shot Mar 28

Some trees grow interesting flowers and fruit.  Have you seen one like this.  I know its just someone hoping that someone will walk by again and see the glove they lost.  

But the one glove that caught my eye was the red maple leaf one.  I saw a single one on my street about a month ago .  I should have picked it up and then this one too, then Id have a pair.  Or maybe not they both might be the same hand.  Anyway thats my odd shot for this week.  To see more go to katneyskaboodle   to see more odd shots.  Till next time

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How things change

I guess you must have wondered what happened to my blogging?  No I am still around and healthy, just overly busy.  With the new Horseshoe season starting and me being the statistician I'm getting ready for the league to start.
So Ive still been out and walking around taking pics and enjoying life, but either no time to blog or not in the mood to blog.

But I'm here now so lets see if anyone recognizes this building.  I wont tell you where it is in Greater Victoria but will give you some clues.
It is now a Car sales lot. It use to be a mini golf building with the mini golf around it.  Even one of my readers use to work in the mini golf.   Ok who knows where it is.  Remember leave a comment at the bottom and see who gets it first.  Sorry no prize this time.

Well enjoy the rest of the weekend

Monday, March 7, 2011

Odd Shot Mar 7

Well this is my this weeks version of Odd Shots.  see the other odd shot series at Katney's Kaboodle

This public art is on the walkway from downtown Victoria by the Songees and all the way to West Bay.  The walk is known as West Song way.   below is the artist Rich Rico who started construction of this 9 yrs ago and 6 yrs ago it was torn down by the harbour authorities but he rebuilt it again.
Its a great place for the kids to enjoy playing on it as you walk along.  They love to pretend they are pirates on it.

Where else have you enjoyed some public art.

ok sorry haven't posted for awhile but been so busy.   ok till next time.