Friday, November 20, 2009

Now that the rain stopped

Well after a week of solid rain. Places flooding and not able to do the things around the house that need to be done. The rain stopped for a few hours today. I had a couple of jobs I wanted done.

The first was to fix a tap that was installed at the bottom of our driveway that was run over a few months ago. It needed to be dug up the casing needed to be straightened and now that winter is coming it needed to be shut off. With all the rain it was kinda flooded in the casing so the job was messier than i thought. Got that done and then the neighbour asked me to help him move a dead deer from his lawn. I guess it either had gotten sick and died or hit by a car. Well we dealt with that.

Then on the deer theme I finished off a mesh box over my wife's heather plants so the deer don't eat the tops in Jan and Feb. third one Ive done so far , I think about 3 more to go. Using left over wood from the old front porch.

Well just in time when I finished it started raining again. Good timing. Well haven't missed working in the rain and its great to be able to wait till it finishes to start to work .

ok later

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