Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Another day another day closer to retirement. 24 working days to go. Every day it seems closer and a little more exciting.

I had coffee with 4 retired guys from my work today and they look so relaxed and really enjoying it. Of course they let it be know its too bad i had to go back to work.

One reader asked in the comments how long have you been at your job. Well I started on April 1, 1974 full time. So when I officially retire on Dec. 02 . (5 weeks of holidays after my last day at work Oct. 30) I will have been with Canada Post for 35 yrs and 8 months. I also had 3 months of casual part time but that doesn't count for my pension. So I guess you could say Ive been working there in one way or another just a month short of 36 yrs when i finish.

Another note I started full time on April 1. April fools day so I'm not sure who the fool was me or my employer. lol

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