Friday, March 5, 2010

You never know what you will be doing

Well you never know what you will be doing when you wake up in the morning.

It all started quiet and then he was spotted. running around the shed and I am sure around the garden too.

First was breakfast then getting our grandson off to school. Then picking up a new dresser for our grandson. Then back home to tackle the problem

My neighbour and I went after the rabbit and cornered him and eventually got him and then got him inside a upside down tub.

Now what do you do with a rabbit when you don't want one. I asked around the neighbourhood a bit but no one seemed to know anyone that had rabbits . So we called the animal control and after playing games on the phone we finally got to talk to someone. They promised someone would drop by and pick up the rabbit. It only took about 1 1/2 hrs and the guy came by with his cage and then off they went.

I never dreamed that would be the main goal of today to get this rabbit out of the yard and therefore saving the plants from his appetite.

Ok wonder what tomorrow will bring.