Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Break-in

Yes we had a break-in over night. No not a robber. But left unchecked and I'm sure something would go missing.

Now at 7:50am our neighbour phoned woke us up(yes our day to sleep in) and told us two deer were on his lawn. You see both our yards are surrounded by a fence but not between the yards.

He opened a gate to herd them out but they ran right to where they had gotten in and left.

Well It was a weak part of the fence between my woodshed and the kids fort. So later in the day my neighbour and I did a fast efficient patch job of the fence. When I say efficient we only used material that we had so no cost to the job. We didn't even have to cut anything as we were able to make odds and ends of material fit.

So now its fixed and a bit higher and tougher for them to jump. So till next time they are safely out of the yard. And I'm sure there will be another time. Every few months they seem to find a way in and we repair it.

ok till next time

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