Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A mystery

It is a mystery. It seems so strange we can't figure it out. Why would someone decide to steal 10 bags of leaves?

Our nephew bagged about 10 bags of leaves and brought them over for my wife to compost about 6 weeks ago. They were left half way up our driveway in a good place to store them. I was waiting for the driveway to be dry to load them up to the top and then put them in some compost bins.

I hurt my back and was waiting till it felt better and then deal with the leaves.

But tonight as i was backing down my driveway in my truck I noticed all the bags are gone.

My wife doesn't know what happened to them.

Where could they go. Would someone come half way up the driveway and steal them.
It is not like they are worth any money and could be pawned. And we were home too when this happened.

The only other thing we can think of is that a garbage truck came by and mistook them for garbage. But the problem with that is it was obvious they were leaves in them. And we don't get our garbage picked up here we take it in ourselves.

So If you have any other ideas what happened to the leaves please let me know.

I'm baffled that someone would steal them.

If I find out what happened Ill let you know

ok till next time keep a eye on what ever is in your yard. People will steal anything


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katney said...

1. some super composter needs more leaves.

2. New garbage man on the route.