Friday, December 4, 2009

Top gift ideas for Christmas

Ok now is the time for
the best Christmas presents to buy this year. Now I'm just looking around on the web so far to see whats out there and I tend to look at the weird and technical ones.
So that's why I'm asking your help this year. What have you found that should be in my top list this year. Please click on the comments below this blog and tell me what you have found. Who knows maybe I will find a prize for the best suggestion. And if I was rich enough I would buy that for you. But dint worry I wont be buying the present for you.

Ok lets say next week I will post the results of my top gifts of 2009. So help me out and comment on what you think should be on the list. If you have a link where you found it please let me know.

Ok happy hunting for the top ones

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Kathreen said...

This may sound weird but there is a solar power Queen Elizabeth doll that does the royal wave when it heats up. 17.99 at Paboom. That's my fave so far.