Saturday, October 31, 2009

Torch relay

This post is about seeing the Olympic Torch Relay going thru our community. Tomorrow I will write about my last day on the job.

We took our grandson down the street to view the torch relay on Goldstream ave. Glad we didn't go downtown yesterday in the
rain and the crowds to watch. We saw it just on Goldstream where we ran into a friend and it was not crowded. It was I'm sure further down by city hall.

Some people are so much more ready for things like this than I . I never thought about bringing a flag. But glad I did bring my camera.

The first car was the countdown to the Olympics . It has the days and hours on the top . I don't think you can read it on this picture.
Then came the coke truck and the volunteers hading out flags with the route map on it. My grandson loved getting this flag to wave.

The next truck was from Royal bank and they were trying to get you excited. The guy on the top asked the crowd. What is the best country in the world. And you guessed it everyone yelled Canada.
And finally The torch arrives. It went by fast but not too fast as I got a couple of pictures.

Overall It was a good experience. Not too crowded. No protesters. My grandson enjoyed it even tho he doesn't know what the Olympics really are yet.

So if your in favor or not of the Olympics they are here now so lets all enjoy them and show the world why we Think Canada is the best place on the planet.

ok later

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