Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Another day another day closer to retirement. 24 working days to go. Every day it seems closer and a little more exciting.

I had coffee with 4 retired guys from my work today and they look so relaxed and really enjoying it. Of course they let it be know its too bad i had to go back to work.

One reader asked in the comments how long have you been at your job. Well I started on April 1, 1974 full time. So when I officially retire on Dec. 02 . (5 weeks of holidays after my last day at work Oct. 30) I will have been with Canada Post for 35 yrs and 8 months. I also had 3 months of casual part time but that doesn't count for my pension. So I guess you could say Ive been working there in one way or another just a month short of 36 yrs when i finish.

Another note I started full time on April 1. April fools day so I'm not sure who the fool was me or my employer. lol

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Only 25 working days to go ! That is working days not including weekends and the stat on thanksgiving and the 2 days i have as holiday this Monday and Tuesday. So that brings me to my last working day of Oct. 30. I am then on 5 weeks holiday and officially retire on Dec. 02.

On Nov. 7 we will be hosting a open house here at our house so if you know me you are invited. Just come and help share the thrill of no more work for me.

Ok see you tomorrow when its 24 days left.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

horseshoe update

Well sorry it took so long for this update. Well I must have peeked too soon in the horseshoe season as I didn't fair too well the the B.C. Championships. I was entered in the A division and was ranked 5th out of the 10 competitors. But It wasn't my weekend as I didn't play up to my potential.

I finished in 7 th place with a 3-6 record. My average was almost 10 % below but I did have one really good game at 63% ringers. You can see my results and all of the competitors here.

But we had a great time visiting the area of Kelowna. Had dinner down by the waters edge and met up with our son who drove up to spend the day and evening with us. All and all it was a good weekend. Now I'm determined to do better next year.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Banned ad writer

Again sorry to everyone if you got a email from some spam sender. I have now banned that person from sending anymore. Unfortunately when you have a open forum there will always be a few people that take advantage and do something like this. All I can do is when it happens i ban the person after they do this. No second chances on this as everyone knows its not appropriate in this kind of forum. Ok again sorry and I will fill you in next post with the weekend in Winfield(Kelowna area for the bc horseshoe championships).


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

missing in action

Well been missing in action from this blog. With summer , work , horseshoes winding down, and our son visiting us for a few days I haven't had time or been in the mood to do this blog.

Well back again for a bit.

Just a pic of the dessert we had as we walked with our son around the inner harbour and then sat on the veranda of the Empress hotel to have coffee and tea and dessert. This was my cheesecake. It was funny we all talked about taking a picture of it and the people next to us said the same thing and the lady said as I took it that she was glad that she isn't the only one that takes pictures of food. Well I know another person that takes pics of food and has a interesting blog . I follow it not for the food but for the info about my son and his fiance. Here's the link if you want to check it out. To be the whole package

Well till next time, I will be busy for a few days with the final days of horseshoes for me this year. Thursday the player of the year tournament, which is all the players of the week (18) and they play one nite to determine the winner.

And this weekend we are travelling to Winfield (near Kelowna) for the B.C. Championships. You can track the results here. BC tournment results

ok later