Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interesting job and bargain

Well met a old friend that I use to work at the old Memorial Arena today. He was an engineer at the arena, and now has a job in the middle of the Sierra desert. He is working at a Gas compound there. He works 28 days straight and just time off to eat and sleep. Then has the next 28 days off and paid travel to and from. He took 3 back to back cruises on one break. He says hes making about 200K a year. An interesting life for a single guy.

And now the bargain. I needed a new set of headphones for my satelite radio and looked at the Source (formerly radio shack) for a pair. I found some like the ones I had before and was prepared to pay $19. for them. Then while paying the guy said for $3. more I could get replacements for them if they broke in the next 3 yrs. Which they usually do. So I'm allowed 2 replacements in 3 yrs. So then he rings up the sale and guess what the they are on sale for $7.99. So with the $3. replacement deal and the tax it came out at around $12. What a deal remember I was going to pay $19. And now when they break I get two more in 3 yrs. So it works out to about $4. a pair for 3 yrs. Gotta love a bargain.

Ok till next time.

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wml said...

Where can I get a job where I can work 28 days and get three cruises? It would be so worth it!