Monday, August 24, 2009

Odd shot

Below is my odd shot for this week. It was taken a few weeks ago when we went to Butchart Gardens for the fireworks nite. It started to rain 1 1/2 hrs before the fireworks but we tried to stay dry and watch but we got soaked. As it started the wind came up and we were really chilly then with our grandson so we decided to leave in the middle as he was just too cold. This picture is off the rain and sunset waiting for the fireworks.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

society not accountable

I have found that society in general has swung to a trend of not being accountable for their actions. As in business or personal many people do not return your phone call. They do not show up on time or start what ever it is they are suppose to do on time. And also do not even do it at all.

I wonder how this started or what contributed to it. But it seems that it is happening more and more all the time. What can we do to reverse the trend. I know it sure bugs me. Am I the only one that is not bugged when I ask someone to phone me back and they don't? Am I the only one that gets bothered by someone not doing what they were suppose to do. I know I'm not perfect but if I forget to phone some one its a rare occurrence. An I would say the majority of the time I do what I say I'm going to do. And when I don't it bugs me that I didn't. Well thats my rant for now.

What do yo think about this? Id love to hear your views. Leave a comment below.

Ok till next time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hang loose

We went to Witty's Lagoon today to watch some boogie board, skim board, sand surfer. What ever the term is now I'm not sure. We entered off duke rd. and walked across the sand and the water to get to the guys doing the surfing. But after 1/2 hr we realised that the tide was coming too fast and we decided I would go back get the truck and drive to the other end so we could take the trail back instead. Well this took me 15 min to walk to the truck and i had to wade knee deep to get to it. Then 5 min to drive to the other spot and then 15 min fast walk to get back.

We watched the guys surf more and they even had a skateboard jump that they put in the water and did jumps on it. After that we headed up the trail (25min with our grandson ). But it was all very much fun and entertaining watching these guys. I hope this video works good for you to see one of them . It was taken with my phone.

OK till next time hang loose.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lets just pick one up quickly

Well picking up our Grandson for the weekend we decided to see if we could find a putter for him and us cheaply at the sports traders. Well just stopping there quickly didn't turn out. We went in and the cheapest was $24. So if we bought 3 and add tax that would be about $80. for a cheap little game of putting at Beacon Hill park.

So we tried to find one at the local thrift stores. But no luck. They only had a handful of clubs but mostly 5 and 8 irons or drivers.

Then we thought we were giving up on the idea when we dropped off some things at a friends house and told him the story . He had get this just what we needed 3 putters that he lent us.

So off to the park we went and spent only about 1/2 hr doing this before we were off to something else. Glad i didn't spend the $80.

So I will return the clubs soon to our friend but now I'm on the lookout for 3 cheap putters to keep in the truck for any other trip to the putting green.

Ok till next time keep your head down and a slow and steady back swing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What people do for money

I read this story yesterday in the newspaper of a Lady that is selling on ebay a tomb that has room for 3 people. On the bottom is Marilyn Monroe. Then her husband above that buried face down. And the top is vacant.

She is planning on selling the middle spot to the highest bidder and then move the husband who paid big bucks to be buried there, to the top. Then she will be cremated and her ashes will be in a urn beside the tomb.

The reason she is selling it is to pay off debt for her mansion in Hollywood, that she hopes to leave to her kids. So far I think the auction is up to 2.5 million. She owes like 1.8 million.

I wonder what hubby would have thought of this after all he paid the big bucks to buy this for him and his wife.

Weird. check out the story here. story.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy weekend and 50

Had a very busy weekend but to start off only 50 working days to go till retirement. And it cant come soon enough. Ive had about enough now.

Friday Listened on the radio about Les Paul and all his musical inventions guitars and guitar gear. And then listened to the original promoters of Woodstock and all the things that went wrong at that historical concert. Then friday nite we went to Butchart gardens and listened to a good 50,60s rock band Ruckus.

Saturday sold a entertainment centre on used victoria and went to a wedding reception and then to Beacon hill park with our grandson.

Sunday over to Vancouver for a horseshoe tournament . The Central Park Open. I played excellent for me and won the A division. Also while we were waiting for our afternoon shift we played a bit of pitch and put golf. didn't do so well at that hadn't played any golf for about 3 yrs.

well that's it your caught up now

Monday, August 10, 2009

odd shot monday

This is my odd shot for odd shot monday. You can view more odd shots at Katney's Kaboodle. This was taken early in the spring as the veggie garden was just getting started. A obvious interested neighbour checking on the progress.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interesting job and bargain

Well met a old friend that I use to work at the old Memorial Arena today. He was an engineer at the arena, and now has a job in the middle of the Sierra desert. He is working at a Gas compound there. He works 28 days straight and just time off to eat and sleep. Then has the next 28 days off and paid travel to and from. He took 3 back to back cruises on one break. He says hes making about 200K a year. An interesting life for a single guy.

And now the bargain. I needed a new set of headphones for my satelite radio and looked at the Source (formerly radio shack) for a pair. I found some like the ones I had before and was prepared to pay $19. for them. Then while paying the guy said for $3. more I could get replacements for them if they broke in the next 3 yrs. Which they usually do. So I'm allowed 2 replacements in 3 yrs. So then he rings up the sale and guess what the they are on sale for $7.99. So with the $3. replacement deal and the tax it came out at around $12. What a deal remember I was going to pay $19. And now when they break I get two more in 3 yrs. So it works out to about $4. a pair for 3 yrs. Gotta love a bargain.

Ok till next time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Odd sight

Well haven't posted for a week, what a week it was with busy with work in that 35 degree heat. I'm so looking forward to retirement to get away from the extreme weather. And busy weekend with our Grandson again and a Horseshoe tournament in Ladysmith and I played extremely well and won the Men's A division. Now that is a first for me.

Well today I saw a odd sight that i had to chuckle at. At Westshore Town Centre (formerly Canwest mall) They had a psychic fair. But it was set up right across from the Lottery booth. So do you go to the fair first get your lucky numbers then buy your lottery ticket. And if they are so Psychic maybe they will keep the lucky numbers for them self. And why haven't they won yet!!!!

Now I'm not one for Psychics as they can not predict the future 100 percent. There is only one that can. And that is God. That is because he knows the future as he ordained it. And he also instructs us not to have anything to do with fortune telling.

I'm also not into lottery tickets. Id rather keep my money as your not going to win anyway. Its set up for the lottery corporation to make millions of dollars and guess who's money it is ? Yours?

They say that the average person spends $10. a week on lottery tickets, and in a year that's $520. and in 10 years that's $5,200. Now be truthful how many have won 5,200 bucks in the last 10 yrs not many of you. So Ill keep my money thanks.

Well enough on my rant today .. hope to catch you again here tomorrow.