Friday, May 25, 2012


Spent the afternoon and early evening out at Sidney. walking along the walkway we spotted an otter. Well we assume it was a otter.  It seemed a bit different, maybe its a mink , or something else.  That's where you come in and tell me what it is.  I will research it online but if you know for sure leave me a note in the comment section. 

He was very cute and was running along all along the beach. We saw him at 430pm and about 730pm.  So he was a busy little guy.

Ok enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Start of Summer

Summer has started !   We had our first BBQ on Friday Night.  The long weekend and company from out of town, was a perfect time to start up the BBQ and have our first one of the season.  Luckily I had enough gas left from last year to run the bbq.  And the local store had a great deal on steaks.  So It was all set .  It was delicious and now cant wait till the next one.   Who knows maybe you will be invited sometime this year. Ok till then just savour the sights .

Monday, May 7, 2012


I do the stats for our local horseshoe league and keep everyones averages and ringer percentages.   I was using excel spreadsheet to do them and was having a problem with a formula in the spreadsheet.  So I contacted a guy online that helps people with problems like this.

He helped me then he asked if he could use the example to put in his blog and newsletter to help others.  He also interviewed me for the blog too.  You can check it out here and see his take on it.

Ok till later