Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last week

Well this is my last week working at the Post Office. But woke up sick on Monday with this nasty flu. spent all of the day either in bed or on the couch.

But today feeling much better but still not there. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to work for the last 3 days.

Its cool that most of the businesses that I deliver to are counting the days down with me as I come through their doors.

Still mixed emotions as I get closer to retirement. I wont miss the working out in the elements but will miss talking with the people that I deliver to. I wont miss the politics of the job but will miss the people that I work with.

It will be good to drop by now and then and say hello to everyone at the Post office or by the businesses that i use to deliver to.

One way to keep in touch is a bunch of us retirees from our depot get together at a coffee shop where I delivered to on Wednesdays at 1030am.
So when I'm not working anymore I will still get to keep up to date with things.

ok hope to get back for the last few days.

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