Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hang loose

We went to Witty's Lagoon today to watch some boogie board, skim board, sand surfer. What ever the term is now I'm not sure. We entered off duke rd. and walked across the sand and the water to get to the guys doing the surfing. But after 1/2 hr we realised that the tide was coming too fast and we decided I would go back get the truck and drive to the other end so we could take the trail back instead. Well this took me 15 min to walk to the truck and i had to wade knee deep to get to it. Then 5 min to drive to the other spot and then 15 min fast walk to get back.

We watched the guys surf more and they even had a skateboard jump that they put in the water and did jumps on it. After that we headed up the trail (25min with our grandson ). But it was all very much fun and entertaining watching these guys. I hope this video works good for you to see one of them . It was taken with my phone.

OK till next time hang loose.

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