Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And Suddenly...

And suddenly there was pain. Last Friday I did a few jobs around the house, nothing too taxing. Then later in the day a bit of tightness in my back. Saturday and Sunday it was still a bit tight. Then on Monday morning a lot of PAIN.

It hurt a lot to bend over at all. and Sitting in my relaxing chair was painful. It wasn't too bad if i stood up or layed down.

Tuesday was a bit better was able to go out and about but sitting down and putting on my shoes and socks were impossible.

Today better still but socks and shoes are still out.
This afternoon its even better but haven't done any shoes on by myself yet. I went for coffee and had a good walk which wasn't too bad . But had to get my wife to put my shoes on and off for me

I'm hoping tomorrow is much better. Man you never know when something is gonna affect your everyday life. Hopefully this is the end of it as I'm not sure I really did anything that would cause it . I'm guessing it is some kind of virus or something.

anyway chat soon

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