Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Total so far

Just a quick post here to tell you of my totals so far.
For my Horseshoes for Malawi.  I have pledges for $5.48 per ringer.  So if i throw 50 ringers that will raise. $273.90 
Also I have $125 in straight donations.  
With one week left till I pitch those 100 horseshoes.  I hope to raise that per ringer pledge total upward.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could get that to $10. per ringer.  

So if you haven't pledged yet please consider sending me a email
 and pledge say 10 cents a ringer.  it will cost you between $4. and $6 dollars.  And what a great cause for the building and upkeep of orpahages in Malawi Africa run by the Salvation Army.

Ok waiting on those emails.    

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Make a pledge

Dont know if I made it as clear as I wanted to on the last post.  But I do urge you all to make a pledge on my Horseshoes for Malawi.   
You can do it by leaving a comment below, or email me at  

Remember its 100 shoes im pitching.
and I usually average between 40-60 ringers. 
So if you pledge 20 cents a ringer that will work out somewhere between $8-$12.   
Or 10cents would be $4-$6. 
Or some have even gone as much as $1.00 a ringer.

So far I have got $4.65  pledge per ringer.
My goal is to get to at least $10. per ringer.
Can you help out.  Remember it goes to a great cause
The Salvation Army's work in Malawi.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Horseshoes for Malawi

Hi there...  Its been a while since I did a blog.  Well this one you can help out with.   
 Horseshoes for Malawi !    That's in Africa.

What I am attempting to do is raise money for the Salvation Army's work in Malawi Africa.  They have a few orphanages. there and all this money will be sent there to help with upkeep and looking after many orphans from the Aids epidemic in Africa.

So what am I doing,  I will be pitching horseshoes on May 1 , Wednesday at the Greater Victoria Horseshoe Club. 620 Kenneth st.  Come on out and watch and cheer me on.
I will be tossing 100 horseshoes, and count all the ringers.
I am asking you help by pledging an amount for each ringer I make.
I should be somewhere between 40-60 ringers in 100 shoes.

So for instance if you sponsored me for 20 cents a ringer that would come in at between $8 and $12.    So how bout helping out this worthwhile cause.  For every dollar sent to Malawi would be like 10 times what its worth here.  Imagine if we sent a few hundred dollars that would be like a few thousand dollars.

Ok send me an email to sponsor me in my Horseshoe's for Malawi.

see you soon maybe at the horseshoe club May 1