Friday, January 30, 2009

Canadians in the cold

The Official Canadian Temperature Conversion Chart

50° Fahrenheit (10° C)
Californians shiver uncontrollably.
Canadians plant gardens.

35° Fahrenheit (1.6° C)
Italian Cars won't start
Canadians drive with the windows down

32° Fahrenheit (0 ° C)
American water freezes
Canadian water gets thicker.

0° Fahrenheit (-17.9° C)
New York City landlords finally turn on the heat.
Canadians have the last cookout of the season.

-60° Fahrenheit (-51° C)
Mt. St. Helens freezes.
Canadian Girl Guides sell cookies door-to-door.

-100° Fahrenheit (-73° C)
Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.
Canadians pull down their ear flaps.

-173° Fahrenheit (-114° C)
Ethyl alcohol Freezes.
Canadians get frustrated when they can't thaw the
-460° Fahrenheit (-273° C)
Absolute zero; all atomic motion stops.
Canadians start saying "cold, eh?"

-500° Fahrenheit (-295° C)
Hell freezes over.
The Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dog post #1 Pepper spray problem

Well as I mentioned in another blog Pasadena daily photo
That pepper spray almost got me killed once, here is the story. It was when I had only been a postie for a couple of years. I was delivering to a house that had a German Shepard female that just had pups. I didn't see the mother and proceeded up the steps to the front door and porch. It was at the time I just put the mail through the mail slot that I then noticed the mother coming up the stairs towards me. And she was not happy. I guess she thought I was trying to get at the pups inside.
I thought then that I would have to use the pepper spray that I was issue. I had never tried it before. I aimed and waited for the right timing and a perfect shot right in the eyes. But that did not stop the mother , even though she could not see she kept coming and kept snapping at where she thought I was. With the stairs blocked the only exit was to dive off the porch. Which I did and got up as fast as I could and ran till I was out of site. It wasn't long after that and a few more bites that I came to the conclusion that this was not my problem with dogs but the owners. If they created a problem with a dog out. It was there problem no mail till it was fixed. Mailmen and dogs don't usually mix but there are a few that are worth it and enjoyable. Till next time keep your dog in at delivery time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My MP3 Dilemma

Well Here is my delemma I have a mp3 that I listen to some talk shows or radio shows that I download off the Internet. Some times I want to listen to them in my car. But the problem is I don't have a aux jack on my radio to plug my mp3 into.

Trying to find a inexpensive way to do this is being more difficult than I thought. First I thought I would get a fm transmitter. But they seem to be cheaply made and are not strong enough to work without a lot of static. Or they are too expensive. Remember I only want to do this occasionally. I have a radio , cd player and satellite radio that I listen to mostly. The second was to install a aux jack from the back of my radio. I don't know how to do these kind of installation and by the time i get the parts pay for instillation its the price of a new radio. Which could set me back 200 -300 bucks. So now my search is for a small portable radio that has an aux jack in it. So far the search has been on more expensive radios but hoping to find cheaper ones. I'm looking not to spend over $50.. So if you know of an option around this price let me know. I have some portable speakers that I could use but they are not quite loud enough. Any way the search is still on. Wish me luck. Till next time

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog experience

Well I've been at this blog thing for almost 1 and 1/2 months and so far its been a success. Ive found some interesting things to write about. Had family and friends check it out. Also some people from other blogs in the area and not far away visit and comment. Also I've seen on the little map on the right that people from Asia, Australia, UK, Poland and others have dropped by too. Please continue and please join and make comments that way the blog gets really interesting. Especially if you don't agree with me. Any way thanks for dropping by and hope to see and read of you lots.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

NHL all star game ????

Well the NHL all star game is as I write this in full swing. The reason I put the question marks on the heading is that I find all star games not games. I don't like to watch all star games normally in any sport. Or on that hand participate in all star games.

The reason is they are not games is because first the Players don't always want to be there, they don't care if they win , and they don't care if they lose. I also don't care if I watch them, don't care if one side wins or one side loses. It should be called a talent showcase but not a game. A game has the element of wanting to win and not wanting to lose.

I guess that's where I differ from some people how I watch any sport. I want to watch the game for the game itself. I don't really care sometimes who the stars are and if they are being successful or not. I want to see the element of the team rising to the challenge or not . I guess you could say , I could be just as happy watching a junior hockey game , a NHL game or even a little league baseball game. Its the game I want to watch the struggle not who's in it or not.

Any way let me know who won. And if you care who won.
till next time
game on

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lunch at Cattle Point

Well got finished work early today so my wife and I gathered some lunch and headed to Oak Bay's Cattle Point and ate our lunch. We sat in the truck and had some mellow rock music on the radio and enjoyed the sites. Lots of birds, a odd boat, couple of seaplanes, a helicopter, some dogs. A couple of interesting things to watch was first a seagull that was so intent on bugging some ducks. It kept following them around and attacking them. To escape they had to dive under but when they came up he went after them again.
The second thing was this older fellow drove up in his van, got out and started throwing bread crumbs to the birds. Mostly the seagulls. Then he walked back to his van and got out a box of donuts. he dropped the donuts on the ground , then proceded to step on them to break them up and then threw them to the birds. He seemed to have done this before as he just did it then back to his van and off he drove. The pic is of him stepping on the donuts. click it to see it enlarged.

If you dont know why its called Cattle point. It where the Hudson Bay Company used to unload the cattle from the boats to take to the local farms.

ok till next time enjoy the sites

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well just a little something about some podcasts that I have been really getting into. The first one is one that my wife and son use to listen to alot but now I'm starting to listen to a lot. Its on CBC on Saturday mornings on CBC two at 10am. Its called Vinyl Cafe. Stuart McLean is a master story teller that leads you thru some of his stories or stories from listeners. Also he usually has some musical guests. If you haven't heard him before I recommend you listen you will enjoy it and I'm sure will want to hear more.
Here is his website or just listen on CBC two.

The second is also with the vinyl theme. Its called Vinyl Tap with Randy Bachman of the "Guess Who" and " Bachman Turner Overdrive" fame.
He plays music with lots of in the know information that tells you how songs and their singers evolved. A very interesting thing to listen to if you are a fan of rock music , but be prepared to listen to all kinds of music as he tells the early roots of the big names of Rock. You can check it out on CBC one on Saturday nites 8pm . or check out his website here

Well hope you enjoy the vinyl tour , till next time

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weird fans

Ever been to a hockey game and as the play goes by some guy behind the goal and he gets up and bangs the glass. WHY, WHY, WHY. I don't get it. What is he trying to accomplish. First if the player is concentrating on the game he doesn't even notice him. Then hes not scaring the player.

So is it just for attention. If you ask me he is not getting the kind of attention he wants. Most people think hes weird or a nutcase. I guess hes just showing off for his friends. Any way Ive watched a lot of hockey games and Ive never seen anyone hitting the glass with there fists or open hands affect anything on the ice. The only thing that happens is if it gets out of hand the fan is escorted outside.

I don't think Ill ever understand the mentality of hitting the glass by a fan.
What do you think got any ideas whey they do?

Ok till next time stay off the glass

Friday, January 16, 2009

Highway saftey

Well with all the talk about the Malahat being dangerous to drive. My wife and I travelled it today and again tonight. With the fog, but with new lines painted and very clear we came to the conclusion that it is not at all unsafe. But it is safe , with good lines painted and people travelling at the posted speeds. What causes it to be unsafe is the excess speed of cars that are refusing to go the speed limit or just a touch over.

So what really is needed is enforcement. They are only travelling at that crazy speed is because they get away with it. If more were caught lots for speeding , whether with photo radar or radar cars, it would slow them down. So with clear lines and everyone travelling at the right speeds it is a pleasurable drive. So lets not just keep making it easy for them to drive fast but put our money into proper line painting, good repaving, and more enforcement. A lot less money than building more lanes so more cars can drive fast.

Well that's my rant for today. Agree, Disagree, what do you think.

till next time

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Changing neighbourhoods

Its amazing to see how neighbourhoods change. In our neighbourhood where 4 houses were that were taken down that had large forested properties, they put up 42 small lot houses. The nice thing about this was the waterfall we got on the main street. Unfortunately it is not always running. seems weird. I thought maybe at night it was turned off but no some nights its working. and some days it goes for days on end without working. Who knows, I dont. The other place that has changed is we had a small area where a fellow had a dozen or so sheep. It was known and little children would feed them grass through the fence. Well the fellow has gone to a care home now and the sheep were moved to the Duncan area. So many fond memories now gone but what will happen to the area. To be determined.

well till next time

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting timing photos

Interesting timing the photos that we see. I was reading the Times Colonist book on their first 150 yrs. And there was a picture of the first Gorge bridge here in Victoria. And then today I was looking at a blog I like to visit daily. It is called Victoria Daily Photo blog. They have some pics from the Gorge bridge today. So I thought I would scan the pic from the book for you to see the first one and then to try this link ..Victoria Daily Photo: Gorge Park
and see todays pics from the other blog.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A timely cartoon

This cartoon was printed some 15 yrs ago. It just shows that if things work once they just keep doing the same thing. im talking about the Auto industy. We just dont do things right and now we want more help. Does it sound familiar. What do you think? click on cartoon to make it larger.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cook st. eagle

On Jan. 1 my wife and I went for a walk and while we were near Beacon Hill park and cook st. we spotted a bald eagle up in the tree. It was nice to see one sitting there just checking everything out. It was there for about 20 min that we were there and seemed in no hurry to leave. It had a good vision of the shoreline so Im sure it was checking for food.

Now forward to today Jan 12. we were driving by the area and as I turned onto Cook st. from Dallas rd I commented to my wife if her bird was there. An yes she exclaimed it was. I got out and took this picture of it. Same place and enjoying the view too.

So if your driving or walking by Dallas rd and Cook st. look up into the Oak tree there and tell me if you see the eagle or not. please comment and let everyone that reads this blog know if its there.

Ok till next time

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What would you write ?

If any of you watched tonights BCS college football game between Oklahoma and Florida you would see the Florida QB wearing eyeblacks with the scripture John 3:16. He had John on one eyeblack then 3:16 on the other. He has in previous games Had Phil 4:13 . I will put links below so you can read these.
Another player had I luv U Mom, and ive seen lots of teams logos on them.
The question is what would you put on it and why.
As for Tim Teb0w the QB well he is a very devout Christian. He really believes in the Christ. He lives his way on the field and off of it with this belief. If you listen to the announcers you will get this feeling too. I heard them mention two things that tell me he walks the walk.
First they said that if you spend 5 min with him you will be a better person for that. Wow thats something for a 21 yr old young man.
The second thing they said was he has gone to a lot of mission works during his off time in the Phillipines and gone to prisons and orphaneges and schools to help out the disadvantaged.
So he is putting on what he believes and I believe that he believes

So what would you put on if you were going to wear eyeblacks in a sporting event. Gets you thinking. what would signify your life?

ok till next time. I believe

John 3:16

Phil 4:13

What is your blog rated?

Well I found an interesting site that rates your blog. I assumed that mine would be good for all audiences and when I put in the url and it did its thing yes I got a G rating. Well I plan to stay close to that rating but im sure now and then something will be a little bit off the G scale. But thats it for today. the site if you want to check out your blog rating is What's My blog rated?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Select your feeling

Well here is a new one for me. I just ran into this one working for the post office. It is new stamps from Great Britian. On the right you see two stamps with boxes to tick off your feeling. I was wondering who was supposed to tick them off. They were blank but maybe the top one is for the sender. and the bottom is for the mailman. I could imagine ticking off sorry if it is late getting there, or oops if it got misdelivered. Any way an interesting twist on the stamp. What will they come up with next.

Ok till next time

Friday, January 2, 2009

Chinese hockey team wins despite problems

The Chinese atom b team in Ottawa for the bell cup. Won despite being forced out of thier hotel in downtown Ottawa. They had to leave so fast that they could not take their hockey equiptment . A local organizer helped get them enough equiptment to use to play and win in the semi-final game. Then fire fighters got their own equiptment to them in time for the final. Wow what an experience for 9-10 yr olds from China while in another foriegn country and culture. A feel good story for this early in the year. If you want to read more here is the link to the story.

Ok till then. dont forget to comment on any story or join my google group to get updates when this blog is updated.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years off to a rocky start

Well In Oak Bay on New years day around 4am a barge/freighter lost power and ran ashore. It was right inbetween trial Island and Oak bay . right at the south end of Oak Bay golf course. We saw it on the news today and when we went out for a nice New Years walk we decided to check it out. Yes we were able to get close to see it but a few houses stopped us from getting two close. It came with in about 30 yds of one house and must have been a spectacular view if someone was looking out their window. Well a nice day today in Victoria , but just west in Langford we woke up to another couple of inches of wet snow. Ok enough.

Well all the best in the new year and hope it works out ok getting that barge off the rocks. I think they were hoping to get it off with a higher tide.

ok bye