Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy weekend and 50

Had a very busy weekend but to start off only 50 working days to go till retirement. And it cant come soon enough. Ive had about enough now.

Friday Listened on the radio about Les Paul and all his musical inventions guitars and guitar gear. And then listened to the original promoters of Woodstock and all the things that went wrong at that historical concert. Then friday nite we went to Butchart gardens and listened to a good 50,60s rock band Ruckus.

Saturday sold a entertainment centre on used victoria and went to a wedding reception and then to Beacon hill park with our grandson.

Sunday over to Vancouver for a horseshoe tournament . The Central Park Open. I played excellent for me and won the A division. Also while we were waiting for our afternoon shift we played a bit of pitch and put golf. didn't do so well at that hadn't played any golf for about 3 yrs.

well that's it your caught up now

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wml said...

That was a busy weekend! Congrats on your horseshoe win.