Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Only 25 working days to go ! That is working days not including weekends and the stat on thanksgiving and the 2 days i have as holiday this Monday and Tuesday. So that brings me to my last working day of Oct. 30. I am then on 5 weeks holiday and officially retire on Dec. 02.

On Nov. 7 we will be hosting a open house here at our house so if you know me you are invited. Just come and help share the thrill of no more work for me.

Ok see you tomorrow when its 24 days left.


Kathreen said...

Whoa!How long have you been working at your job?

postie said...

Kathreen... I have been at my job since April 1 1974 thats 35 yrs and 8 months when i retire offically in dec.