Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years eve hockey

Well it is New Years eve and that means lots of hockey on TV. With the World Junior tournament and Canada and USA usually play against each other on this night.
Plus Vancouver Canucks are playing too. So the plan was to tape the Canucks game and watch it after the Canada - USA game.

Well the best laid plans need some refining . You see TSN which is showing the Canada-USA game has a sports ticker that comes up on the bottom of the screen with scores from other hockey games and other sports. So I don't want to see the Canucks score so had to come up with a plan. The picture here shows my high tech solution. just three pieces on the bottom of the screen to stop my eyes from seeing the sports ticker.

Well it worked great. Canada won a fantastic game. Being down 4-2 with about 10 min left they tied it up and scored another but it was disallowed. So the game went to overtime and then to a Shootout.
Canada scored on all three of their shots with the USA scoring on 2 out of 3. So now Canada advances to the Semi-finals and USA disappointed plays in the Quarter - finals.

OK Happy New year I'm off to watch the Canucks game now.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Filling the gap

Well the deer are still getting in. One thought was the roof of the woodshed so we did some building of a fence on top of the woodshed. Hopefully this will solve it. If not we have to keep working on other areas till we find where they are getting in. Persistent beggars they are.

enjoy the short vid of the repairs. still working on my YouTube vids this is a short 3 segments together in one.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Checking for deer

Well its boxing day and the deer are up to it again. They have gotten in somewhere and now is the chore to find out where. Unfortunately its boxing day and we have a full day visiting. So Sunday is busy to so on Monday will have to do a better search and repair of the fence.

Ok enjoy the video . Still testing it out . on a walk around the yard.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas ! Hope you all have had a wonderful day. And with all the festivities I hope you have thought of why we have this holiday. And no its not for the fat guy. Remember he was just invented by coke for marketing purposes and we all went along with it. No it is for the birth of Christ. So keep Christ in Christmas.

Well here is a little video I shot today with my new flip camcorder my son bought me for Christmas. I know I'm not a talented video guy yet but give me time.

ok enjoy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Green Canada

No this is not an environmental post. It is why is Canada wearing Green in the 2010 Jr. world hockey championships.

Now everyone knows Canada's colors are red and white. So where did the green come from?

I'm not saying the uniforms are ugly, but they are not our colors. You don't see Sweden going with weird colors because they are blue and yellow. So why does Canada go weird on us. Now this isn't the first time we've done this.

So here is my suggestion as to why they are wearing green this year. The tournament is in Saskatchewan Canada. And Saskatchewan colors are green so is that the reason they are doing it? I know in a lot of Canadian championships people from Saskatchewan go a little goofy and dress in green and yellow in all kinds of get ups.

If you have another reason for the green please comment and let me know

ok till next time Go Canada Go

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Break-in

Yes we had a break-in over night. No not a robber. But left unchecked and I'm sure something would go missing.

Now at 7:50am our neighbour phoned woke us up(yes our day to sleep in) and told us two deer were on his lawn. You see both our yards are surrounded by a fence but not between the yards.

He opened a gate to herd them out but they ran right to where they had gotten in and left.

Well It was a weak part of the fence between my woodshed and the kids fort. So later in the day my neighbour and I did a fast efficient patch job of the fence. When I say efficient we only used material that we had so no cost to the job. We didn't even have to cut anything as we were able to make odds and ends of material fit.

So now its fixed and a bit higher and tougher for them to jump. So till next time they are safely out of the yard. And I'm sure there will be another time. Every few months they seem to find a way in and we repair it.

ok till next time

Monday, December 7, 2009

Seniors discount

Well today we went for our yearly together Christmas shopping. Usually I take a days holiday from work and we spend all day my wife and I and do Christmas shopping. But this year I am retired so couldn't take a day off from work cause every day is off. Isn't that great. I think so.
And of course we have lunch and dinner out and make a whole day of it.

Well today in Zellers we were picking up some things and paying for them. We found some very good sales and when the cashier asked if we were eligible for the seniors discount I said how old do you have to be. Now I was thinking she would say 60 or 65. But to my surprise she said 55. Well I didn't let a second go by and I replied I'm in.

This was our first senior discount as both of us had just turned 55 within the last two weeks.

So we of course had to see if we could get some more bargains at the store instead of going to another store. Yes we did so we accomplished quite a bit in that one store.

Now its checking out what other stores and dates we are eligible for the discount now.

ok enjoy ill take 10% off next blog

Friday, December 4, 2009

Top gift ideas for Christmas

Ok now is the time for
the best Christmas presents to buy this year. Now I'm just looking around on the web so far to see whats out there and I tend to look at the weird and technical ones.
So that's why I'm asking your help this year. What have you found that should be in my top list this year. Please click on the comments below this blog and tell me what you have found. Who knows maybe I will find a prize for the best suggestion. And if I was rich enough I would buy that for you. But dint worry I wont be buying the present for you.

Ok lets say next week I will post the results of my top gifts of 2009. So help me out and comment on what you think should be on the list. If you have a link where you found it please let me know.

Ok happy hunting for the top ones

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A mystery

It is a mystery. It seems so strange we can't figure it out. Why would someone decide to steal 10 bags of leaves?

Our nephew bagged about 10 bags of leaves and brought them over for my wife to compost about 6 weeks ago. They were left half way up our driveway in a good place to store them. I was waiting for the driveway to be dry to load them up to the top and then put them in some compost bins.

I hurt my back and was waiting till it felt better and then deal with the leaves.

But tonight as i was backing down my driveway in my truck I noticed all the bags are gone.

My wife doesn't know what happened to them.

Where could they go. Would someone come half way up the driveway and steal them.
It is not like they are worth any money and could be pawned. And we were home too when this happened.

The only other thing we can think of is that a garbage truck came by and mistook them for garbage. But the problem with that is it was obvious they were leaves in them. And we don't get our garbage picked up here we take it in ourselves.

So If you have any other ideas what happened to the leaves please let me know.

I'm baffled that someone would steal them.

If I find out what happened Ill let you know

ok till next time keep a eye on what ever is in your yard. People will steal anything

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lights on

Well today is Dec. 01 and we went for a walk at Butchart Gardens. Now today is the official lightup there at 5pm. But we went early just for the walk. It is interesting to go and see the sights without the lights and crowds and because we have a yearly pass it didn't cost us anything.

So now you can according to me anyway start your Christmas lights. You see I have a rule here at our house and I always say that you cant do that till Dec. 01. You must be wondering why. Well my reason is my birthday is Dec.o1 and I want you to concentrate on that first then its ok to move on to Christmas. Well we all have our reasons for things we do.

Anyway this is a important birthday for me , I turn 55 and now its freedom 55. Tomorrow is my official retirement day. But I have been on holidays for the last 4 weeks so I have just eased into it.

ok turn on the lights lets do Christmas now