Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What people do for money

I read this story yesterday in the newspaper of a Lady that is selling on ebay a tomb that has room for 3 people. On the bottom is Marilyn Monroe. Then her husband above that buried face down. And the top is vacant.

She is planning on selling the middle spot to the highest bidder and then move the husband who paid big bucks to be buried there, to the top. Then she will be cremated and her ashes will be in a urn beside the tomb.

The reason she is selling it is to pay off debt for her mansion in Hollywood, that she hopes to leave to her kids. So far I think the auction is up to 2.5 million. She owes like 1.8 million.

I wonder what hubby would have thought of this after all he paid the big bucks to buy this for him and his wife.

Weird. check out the story here. story.

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wml said...

I want to know what kind of idiot would pay over 2 million dollars for a used grave!