Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7 More Days left

Well the countdown is really on now. Only 7 more work days left. Thursday and Friday this week and 5 days next week.

Of the things I will miss is yes you guessed it ! No more walking all day in snow, or rain , or wind. Yes the elements will be nice to watch from my comfy chair by the woodstove.

But there are a couple of things that I will miss. I will miss all the people I work with. Really Letter carriers do a fantastic job and in all that bad weather they just keep going. Even thou we are all different its amazing how often we just get along. Yes there are problems but in all we have fun at our job when left alone to do it. Not being bothered by management that want to try the new fangled idea. That usually isn't that new , been tried before many years ago.

The other thing is I will miss the people I deliver mail to. I deliver to the local mall and just going into the stores and saying hello is something that I have enjoyed. And all the homeowners and their families that I deliver not only bills to but presents, cards and those special things that they have ordered and are waiting patiently to arrive.

But life goes on and a new chapter in my life. Retirement, what will it be like ? Will I be busy enough? Will I have enough Money? Will my health hold up for a long time? When will we move to a one level house or apartment?

So bring it on , I'm ready for the challenge.


Kathreen said...

Congratulations! Savour the next seven days!

wml said...

So now, what are your retirement plans. My uncle had three goals. Buy an RV and travel across the country (USA), grow a beard and learn Spanish.
He drove from Connecticut to Oregon and back again, then back to Oregon so he crossed the country three times, hitting as many states as he could, and a side trip to Alberta and BC.
He grew a beard while he was travelling and had a lovely full white beard the last time I saw him.
And he took a Spanish course before he died of Cancer 20 years ago.
Set yourself some goals and have fun achieving them. Live long and prosper my friend.