Monday, November 30, 2009

storing pictures

With the new digital camera comes the problem of how to store your pictures. At first I stored them on the hard drive of my computer . Then came a memory card. Then burn them onto a CD.
Now I'm in the process of trying other ways. I'm looking at buying a portable hard drive like 500mb. But want my pictures in two different places in case one fails. So I'm looking into online storage too. But don't want the whole world to see them so it must be somewhere private.

Im testing a online site right now. So this picture is from the site so lets see how it works.

Remember the picture a month or so ago of my old hat that I wore when i first started work.

ok till next time

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A Toronto girl out West said...

My pictures are both on my 500MB external drive AND on Picassa. You may also want to try Flickr.

Just keep in mind that with that many pics you'll likely need to purchase upgraded storage space.