Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Again

This was once a very good Fish and Chip place.  It was run by three guys that did a great job.  It was known from all around Victoria that the best fish and chips (especially the Halibut) was from this Estevan ave location.

But about 2 yrs ago we arrived there to get some of those delicious fries and halibut and there were 3 new guys running the shop.  With signs saying new management.  But we gave it a try and I have to tell you it was very disappointing.  We were really disappointed as this was our favourite spot.  You see we liked to get our food and just drive 2 blocks to willows beach.  There we would enjoy the food along with the great sights.  In great sights I mean the ocean and the mountains, and the boats going by.  No not the bathing beauties!
Then to our surprise last year we were just walking by and it was really busy in the shop.  We looked in and one of the original 3 guys was working there.  We didn't stop then but today we went back and I have to say the quality was back to what it was before.  Good again.

Have you ever eaten there?  If not try it , And enjoy the food by the ocean.

Ok till later

Friday, October 29, 2010

Atkins Road

Well the other day I was driving up Atkins rd. And I thought with the way that the western communities of Greater Victoria are expanding at such a rapid rate, Its amazing with all the new houses and subdivisions that there are still streets like this around. Yes there are new houses just a block away from these pictures but this strip of the road is still almost the way it use to be.

The only thing that has changed on this part is the road and the added speed bumps and the rail fence. the rest is like its been for ages.

Where the new houses are just past this part use to be a old chicken coop. See the last picture.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Test from my phone

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Just in time

Well last nite I was out and a friend of mine says" I guess I know what you are doing tomorrow?" And I say " what?" Then he replies" Getting your insurance for your truck." Oh no I forgot to do that. I have been so busy lately I completely forgot.

Well this morning after breakfast we walked dow
n to the local insurance place and bought the insurance . So now I'm good for another year.

Whew. hope not to do that one again. too close for comfort.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A nice walk

Well we were in Esquimalt today for a meeting and took advantage of the nice day and went for a nice walk before the meeting. We ended up at Fleming Beach and ate our lunches right at the last picture. It was such a lovely day and enjoyed the nice calm sea. When was the last time you were at Fleming beach? tell me below in the comments section. I'm still trying to get you to comment here

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time changes a lot

At first this seems like an odd pic. But this is taken just one house away from ours. You see we have been in our house for just over 25 yrs. So this pic is the old street and the new street.

I was walking by this today and thought when we moved in here it was all just like the top part of the pic. No sidewalks, Only one street light on the whole block and no it wasn't this one or at this point. And you notice the bus stop. Yes we have bus service now too. So when the kids were walking to school there was no sidewalk for them and when they adventured farther there was no bus close they had to walk for a good 20 min to catch a bus.

And we even have a garbage can now on the street. I wonder what is next?

But the deer are still here in record numbers.

Ok till next time

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just in the neighbourhood

Well just out and about the neighbourhood today doing errands in the local shopping area Goldstream Village. Remind me to send some pics of the new additions to Goldstream Village.

Anyway there crossing the street were two ladies walking two Llamas .
Hope you enjoy the pics. I know it was interesting to see sights like these when you least expect them.

Well till next time

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well I haven't seen it yet. But the new statue in town, The one at Belleview and Government streets, has a typo in it. It is of Emily Carr plaque. Can you see the error? Look at the picture of it here and see if you can find it. And then follow the link to the article in the Times Colonist and read if you were right or not. Ok all you editors lets see if you can spot it.

Times Colonist

Ok till next time

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comment tutorial

Ok This is the short crash course on how to comment on this blog. I know I have asked for comments and thought some of you would by now. So here it is in a nutshell . Very simple. right at the end of this and every entry is a line that says 0 comments or it might say 5 comments.

Click on it and then leave a comment. If you don't want to be anonymous then you can log in and your nickname will come up and if you want a picture or a cartoon caricature that you create can be added also.

But keep it simple and just say hello for starters. And add your two cents to any subject I write about.

Ok you got it. click on the comments

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving not what you expect

Well this Thanksgiving weekend didn't really happen the way you think. First of all on the Saturday we went for our shots for our upcoming trip to Mexico. And I thought no prob. But on Sunday I didn't feel that well and my shoulder was really sore. and on Monday it continued but then felt better at the end of Monday.
Then we invited my brother over for dinner on Sunday for Thanksgiving and we didn't have the usual Turkey dinner. Instead we BBQ some nice steaks. Yes we were thankful for all the things and people that God places in our lives and we celebrated that.

On Monday we headed up to Nanaimo and meet up with my cousins and we went to a special beach we spent a lot of time at when we were young and I planted the tree that I had from Prince George. I got it at the BC Horseshoe pitching Championships which I won , so I wanted to plant it somewhere special. And this was the first place I ever played horseshoes. So that was the spot. Hope it survives.

But while we were having our lunch at the beach there. I bit into a candy and broke loose a big filling that I just had put in about a month ago. Sharp edges , have to see the dentist tomorrow.

So we headed home on the Highway and guess what. 20 mins. away from home on the Malahat the traffic stopped. There was some kind of accident and traffic not moving. Well when this happens it can be for hours. So we turned around and drove to my sister in laws place in Shawnigan lake and spent a hour or so and had coffee and tea. Then when we headed home the traffic was all gone.

Well How was your weekend? Did it happen as you planned or anything different or new?

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Friday, October 8, 2010

More Crazy fans

After Last post I thought I would show you some Youtubes of other crazy fans and even some people that are working at the games.

And this last video ......... Man this guy is entertainment just in himself. Its a long vid this last one. Almost 10 min. If you have time watch it all . Unbelievable.

Ok your comments?

Crazy fans

I took this video today of my TV while I was watching the baseball game between , Philadelphia and Cincinnati. I sometimes get watching some of the fans behind the home plate. Its funny to see how some of them act. Some don't pay attention and others Ive seen fall asleep. But this one today was really interesting.

She thought she was helping out the Philadelphia batter by trying to distract the Cincinnati pitcher. She did this almost all game. Well watch the video and see what happened. Keep watching her during this vid. I thought it was good. I mean do you really think your distracting the pitcher . I mean this guy is a professional , focused and probably doesn't even seen the fans behind the plate.

Any way comment on it below tell me what you think?

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Why live anywhere else

Why would you want to live anywhere else

I mean its October and it is still a day you can walk
around without a coat or at the least a light sweater.

I mean when things don't turn out for you always , you can always go on a nice walk on Dallas road and enjoy God's creation.

It is always uplifting.

Yes one of our favorite places to walk.

Anyone else have a favorite place to walk?

Tell us in the comment section.

ok till next time

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Arriving in style

Sunday afternoon , we went to feed the ducks at Esquimault lagoon. Or Did we feed the seagulls. A few swans were there too but most of the bread went to the seagulls. But as we walked by after the bread was gone. we were treated to a nice parade of 4 swans going by. They came close looking to see if we had any food but they stayed in formation.

Anyway a great day to walk down there and who knows with it being October , how many nice dry days will we get. I think we are in for a bit of rain soon. Its October remember.

ok till next time

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yard work

Well Didn't go out and take any pics or have any events to report today. It was yard work day.

Well you know the time of year those oak leaves are starting to come down. Unfortunately this pic is not our yard , it is from the local school that I took on thursday.

So part of the day was spent sucking up leaves with my blower/suckerup/ mulcher. The other major jobs were cutting the lawn. Man it has grown with all this rain and warm weather. And I did some nail pulling out of some old wood from our old front stairs. Stacked the wood out of the elements and will keep it for some project in the future.

Along with doing the chores , It was also a great day to have lunch and dinner (bbq) outside . We might not have many more days where we can enjoy meals outside on the deck.

Well what did you do today anything exciting. Let me know on the comments area. Come on people lets have a little dialoge there just below each blog entry.

Ok till next time