Sunday, November 1, 2009

one final delivery

Well as I said yesterday I would today tell you about my last day on the job. Well as normal It started as I went in to work and sort my mail. Lots of carriers dropped by while I was sorting and said good luck and take me with you. Then as a hour went by former carriers came into the office and they had a celebration for my retirement.

The supervisor had a small speech about me working there and gave me a couple of things to commemorate me leaving. One was a hat with a good crop of hair on the top for me to wear. I guess the lack of hair shows.
The second thing was she said for all the disagreement we had over what management wanted to do and that I disagreed with because it was wrong. We had some good discussions over the years. She said a few times she wanted to just boot me out of there . But I normally stuck my ground when I believed something was wrong. So she gave me a bronzed boot so she could say she finally gave me the boot. A funny touch.

Then the other supervisor gave me a certificate that says that I am now officially retired from Canada Post Corporation. Signed by the CEO.

next was from the letter carriers. One lady gave a nice speech about my time in that depot (27yrs) and the fun we had during that time. And a few of the things we all went through together. The carriers gave me a box that I can use to carry my horseshoes in and a wonderful framed picture of me that was used in the flyer from my church of me and a dog running down the street. If you go to you will see the picture there. They all signed the matt that was around the picture and now I have it hung up here at home.
Then after that everyone wished me well and we had some food and cake to celebrate the occasion

Now we are at work and so the day must proceed. I headed out on the job and continually ran into people that wished me well and said they were going to miss me.

At the mall I was given a few great cards and things. The florist even gave me a rose to wear for the rest of the day.

finally I finished and walked out the building of the PO officially for the last time. I will miss them all and will drop by now and then to say hi. Now a new chapter. I hope it goes as well as the last one almost 36 yrs.

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katney said...

I'm a little late in saying it, Postie--or am I early. But have a great retirement. There's nothing like it.