Sunday, January 22, 2012

And the Walls come tumbling down

Its been a hard week.  First the snow in Victoria.   

Then I got a cold and my sinuses are all plugged up.

Then the 110km wind came and blew my wood shed down.

Well have to pick up the pieces and start again.  I think we will try a different location for the shed this time.  

Well thats it.  Can only get better from here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well I have in the past posted pictures of what people do on their fences or in their yards that is different than most people. Well today check out the blog for the 15 most creative fences.   Some very interesting ones.

Fences 15 most creative fences

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Now on Twitter

Well last nite I signed up for Twitter.  Dont really know what Im doing yet but after a while im sure I'll get the hang of it.
So click on the follow me on twitter button if you have twitter and then another way to keep in touch.

As you see from my twitter tweet today it snowed here.  Hope you local people are enjoying it but lets hope it doesnt  over due its welcome.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's been a long time

Its been over 10 yrs or maybe a lot more since I ventured over to  Vancouver to see a Canuck game.  But with a relative transferring to Vancouver for work it was a great time to go over for a visit and see a game too.

We walked on the ferry to cut down costs , got a ride into town with my relative and then we returned a few days later on the skytrain and bus to the ferry.  It sure cuts down the cost .
Anyway we really enjoyed the game with going down to the glass to watch the warmup then up to the rafters to watch the game.  But a great view from there and enjoyed a very  close thrilling game.
Vancouver lost to San Jose Sharks in a shootout.   So we got our money worth with the extra time.
Well have to go over again sooner than every 10 yrs for a game

ok till next time

Monday, January 9, 2012

Polar Bear

Last week while visiting family in Vancouver, My wife and I went for a walk along Coal Harbour, Lost Lagoon, English Bay, and Denman and Robson streets.  

As we arrived in English Bay we first noticed huge crowds gathered and then it became apparent it was Jan. 01   New years day.   The famous Vancouver Polar Bear Swim.  

So as a good blogger I took a few pics for you to see.

I'm even tempted to go over and try it next year.  Or am I crazy?
Wanna join me?  Maybe Ill do a fund raiser to make sure I go in.

Ok till next time

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rain Delay

Happy New Year!!!
Its been a bit of a delay since my last post but fear not I, we have been busy.   Christmas and a trip to Vancouver to visit family and see a Canuck game.  Look for those pics in upcoming posts.

But this one is a great pic of a statue in Sidney. Someone had a great sense of humor and yes it was raining that day. I don't know how long its been like this but I got a great chuckle out of it. Hope you do too.