Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a difference a day makes

Well yesterday was not a great day, With heavy mail and snow and rain mix most of the day delivering. I then had a dentist appointment for a filling. Was a little numb and sore after and in the rain had to drive my wife out to a outing. We had arranged to pick up someone but it somehow got confused and the pickup didn't happen. Then off to the drugstore for some prescription to be refilled , then back to pick up my wife. Finally back at home and the nite ended.

Now today mail was still fairly heavy but the weather was great. about 9 degrees but clear and dry. And to top it off a lady stopped me on the street to tell me that she left something in her mail box for me to pick up for myself. It was a nice collection of
Purdy's chocolates. The reason was a couple of months ago while delivering to this address, I was in the driveway and next to the drivers door of their vehicle was 2 one hundred dollar bills. I knew exactly that it belonged to the driver of the vehicle so I knocked on the door and woke up the lady. I told her what I found and got a sleepy thank you from her. Well I never heard any more from her about it and thought maybe she didn't remember she was so sleepy. And I also didn't expect anymore from it after the thank you. Well it just shows to not take something that is not yours if you know where it should go. Kinda made my day with this package of chocolate after months of bad weather and heavy mail.

Well the day has turned to rain now but
I'm inside and just relaxing with my chocolate.

till next time.


A Toronto girl out West said...

That's a lovely surprise!!!

wml said...

Even though you do the right thing just because it is the right thing, it is nice to have some show their appreciation. Congrats.