Saturday, April 25, 2009

odd text

While walking in Oak Bay near the Oak Bay marina the other day. We came across this time capsule monument in a park. Now I know the concept of time capsules and that in 50 years for Oak Bay's 150 anniversary it will be open and the contents revealed and new ones added.

But this last line of " Do not remove" took me by surprise. I have never seen this on a monument or time capsule before. Why did they feel it was necessary to add this to it. I'm sure they meant not to take off the top and reveal the contents. But why put it there.

The problem I see is it will now give some people ideas. Like for fun lets take the top off and see whats in there. And also anyone with the mindset to do something to the monument is going to do it whether there is a text saying don't do it or not.

so my advice would be just leave the text off. You are only inviting trouble by putting it on.

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