Friday, April 17, 2009

Background noise

Watching the playoff game on CBC tonight. Vancouver Canucks beat St. Louis Blues 3-0. But the part that annoyed me and has alot this year, Is too much volume on the back ground noise (the crowd) and not enough of the announcers. I know I'm getting older but I wanna hear what they say not what the crowd is cheering. Some back ground is good but don't over do it. At times It was impossible to hear what the announcers were saying. It must be either a new fad with TV that they want to create the feel of being there. But your not and they pay these announcers big money so we might as well hear them.

Other sports channels do this too but not to the extent of CBC. Maybe its something to do with all the cutbacks at CBC. I don't know just lets get back to watching a good game and listening to the so called experts.

Ok thats my take on it. Whats Yours? press the word comment below this and comment. Or comment on any other blog entry. Its nice to have a little chatter here so waiting to hear from all of you.


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wml said...

Maybe you are just getting old and can't make out the words anymore? Sorry .. had to do it.