Sunday, April 26, 2009

Following Blogs

This is just a entry to let you know ways to be connected with a blog. If you are here now reading this , you obviously like to read blogs or have a connection with me the blog writer.

So how do you connect with the blog? Do you read this regularly or want to read it more often. Well if you join as a follower on the left side of the blog you can see how often its updated and people can even connect with you. This is good if you write a blog yourself. People can then click on your name or picture under follower and see your blog or any info you care to share.

If your not that into blogs but just want to read the new updates on this one then getting on my email list of updates then you should join that. Just go into google groups on the left side of the blog and join the google group and when I update the blog you get a email.

The third way is to comment on a certain entry and others can dialog with you or me on that topic.

And finally the fourth one is you can check out what blogs I follow on the left side of the blog and check out some of those blogs.

The left side of this blog has all kinds of information on this blog and myself and interesting things like how and where the people come from to read this blog.

So there you go why don't you comment or become a follower of this blog and then we can expand the connection

ok connect with you later

1 comment:

Katney said...

I usually stop by every week. There are some blogs I follow more closely, and others I visit more sporadically.