Thursday, April 23, 2009

former expo snafu

Well the Montreal Expos continue to get in the news for the wrong reasons. But now they are the Washington Nationals. As in the picture you will see someone goofed with the uniforms on Friday April 17. Someone or a bunch of people goofed and misspelled the name Nationals.

So the Nationals, or should I say the Natinals have a terrible start. a 2-10 record so far this year and the worst record in baseball last year. There is only one way up and that's to get better.

Check out the story here

But back to the misspelled uniform. You wonder how so many people could miss this. the guy that ordered the unis , or the guys at the uniform company, or the staff of the Nationals when they arrived. Or even the trainers before they gave them to the players. How about the manager and coaches and players as they put on the uniform. It just seems like how did no one notice.

Ok well stay tune for other weird news as I find it along with whatever I seem interesting to post.
Next time Go Natinals

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wml said...

Maybe they should keep it that way and just call themselves the Nati Nals. They look kinda Natty in the new togs, even if the name is spelled wrong!