Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New intersection

Well after long wait, a new intersection is opening up in Langford (west of Victoria). It will take a lot of traffic off of the two main streets that go to the Westshore town center (formerly Canwest mall). It has been promised for a long time but it wasn't till about a year ago that the local politicians fast tracked it. It was scheduled to be open about 3 months ago but with the long winter and many snowfalls it will now finally open this weekend.

It will be a direct route to the mall and will be another road that crosses the railway track in the area. Langford use to be you had to drive around large areas to get just two blocks in a straight line. Now another of these is now been corrected. Hope you enjoy this new thru road and it is very nicely designed and already has the spring flowers planted in.

Ok till next time

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