Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st round picks

Well I did pretty good on my 1st round predictions of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I got 6-8 right. Detroit, Vancouver, and Chicago were all my picks in the west. I had San Jose winning their series but it went to Anaheim.

Carolina, Washington, and Boston were my picks in the East. The one that I got wrong was Pittsburgh. I thought Philadelphia would upset them. Well I'm very happy with 6 right.

Ok the second round

Lets see
Detroit vs Anaheim. Have to go with Detroit, even thou I would love to see Anaheim win .

Vancouver vs Chicago My team are the canucks so im picking Vancouver

Boston vs Carolina Boston is the pick here

Pittsburgh vs Washington This will be a great series with Crosby against Ovechkin Im taking Washington.

There you have it. your picks are?

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