Monday, April 20, 2009


This is this weeks odd shot. To see more check out Katne's Kaboodle

Well you have heard of the mismatch socks. Well this is the mismatched footwear.
We were down having a coffee and tea at Ross Bay and spotted this pair.

Dont you want to know the story.

How did they get there? Where are the other 2 footwear? How did these two get beside each other? How long will they stay there? Do the owners know they are missing? Are they both the same size? Were they owned by the same person? Will a third piece of footwear show up beside these two?

Do you have any questions about this?


wml said...

Someone is walking around out there making some weird fashion statement!

RuneE said...

Interesting - much room for thouight here!

Katney said...

I always wonder about shoes in odd places. We found a child's shoe on the path down to the beach the other day. Sorry I messed up the linky. Mr. Linky was not cooperating with me yesterday. I'll see if I can remember how to remove the bad one.

R said...

There was two one-legged persons, a man and a woman, and they were just swimming somewhere near-by...Or if it's too cold for swimming, they just washed their legs may-be and you did not notice them :)?

wml said...

Yup, that must be it!