Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening day

Well today was Opening day for the 2009 major league baseball season. As always my two teams the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners have a chance. They haven't played yet so just as good as anyone else. The first games of the season are always a fun time to watch. Or listen.

Well today at work I listened to the Cleveland vs Texas game which the rangers were winning when i turned it off as I finished work. I just checked now and the final score was 9-1 Texas.

Now I'm watching the Blue Jays home opener and the Jays are winning 9-1 also in the top of the 5th inning. I am also recording the Mariners opening game and will listen to that one tomorrow at work.

Been a long winter but a nice day today with baseball everywhere.

Play ball


Glenn said...

I'm not the hugest baseball fan, but I'm always amazed by how much I enjoy watching Blue Jays' games on t.v.. I need to be careful not to get stuck in front of the tube when there are other things to be done! Great opening win for the Jays!

postie said...

Yea Glen baseball is a game we never grow tired of. No matter what age it brings us back to the game we played when younger and the competitive spirit. And the the thrill of the competition

wml said...

I am not a baseball fan but I did manage to watch the last few innings of the back to back Blue Jay series wins many years ago. Even I could not contain my excitement for those games! Wish they would do it again.