Thursday, April 16, 2009

35 years

Well there it is my prize for working 35 yrs with Canada Post.

I received this today at work in a short meeting. But I completed 35 years on April 01. Now what I have left is to work another month to cover any strike time during my career, and then wait till Dec. 01 when I turn 55. So I will officially be retired on Dec. 02 as if i go now I get a penalty deducted for being too young. 35 years is the maximum pension I can receive.

So my last day of work will be Oct 30. As I have 5 weeks of holidays that I will be taking at that time. I am looking into having a open house type party some time in the first week of November. Most likely it will be held at the Greater Victoria Horseshoe club, or here at our house. Not sure what option yet.

The pin doesn't seem like much now but I'm sure years later it will be nice to see and think of those long hard winters tromping thru the snow.

Ok thru rain , snow, all kinds of weather , Ill write another blog entry

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