Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Problems with National Anthems

Well during the recent Stanley Cup playoffs some fans in Montreal have been booing the United States National anthem. This is not new , as other places have done the same in the past. And I must say its not right. But there will always be jerks that don't do what is right. So after listening to a few commentators about the problem and what to do, here is what I think is the way to go.

Since at sporting events since way back there has always been National anthems played before the game starts. But at first it was just the home teams anthem that was played. Then out of courtesy teams started playing the visiting teams anthem too. Now maybe we should just go back to playing only the home teams. That way there is no time for a jerk to boo the visiting team anthem. Just eliminate the situation for the abuse.

Do you agree? Or do you have another suggestion.

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wml said...

I agree with playing the home team national anthem at the beginning, but I would not mind hearing the winning team's national anthem at the end. Maybe not every game, but who can forget the feeling we had hearing Oh Canada played in Russia at the end of game 8 in 1972? And how would we have felt if the Russians had booed it?